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11:53:00 PM Jul 8th 2013
The page image has a similar issue for Ianto's problem; Someone with favourite nieces or nephews (blood related or just very close friends with their parents) might have their picture on the desk, especially if they don't have children of their own.

I think the issue here is a minor point of clarification; does it count only if the question is actually beyond obvious (IE; "Did you die" in a world where death is not cheap), or is it enough if the question is treated as beyond obvious (Garfield, the page image, second House example (though that might just be House being sarcastic and possibly not belong either way), etc.?
01:00:31 PM Jul 12th 2011
edited by Ianto
The first Garfield example ('Liz' being short for Elizabeth')

It might be just me, but there are other names it could be. There's all varieties of 'Lisa', 'Elise', it could be a full name (as in, not short for anything) or, depending on whoever awarded this nickname, it might be short for just about anything with an I and an L.

So maybe it is treated like an 'ask a stupid question' in the story but the question doesn't seem that stupid to me.
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