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05:21:17 PM Oct 1st 2011
Is this about people who believe drugs help them to be creative, or is it just about drug addicts who happen to be in creative professions?
07:26:58 AM Dec 18th 2012
It can be something of both. Several years ago, Reader's Digest ran an article about a writer wanting to kick chewing tobacco because of the cancer risk. But he had a very specific writing routine, and chewing/disposing of his tobacco was an integral part of that routine. He had to break out of that routine and forge new ones before he could write at the same frequency and speed again. And that's not counting the withdrawal effects.
01:52:28 PM Mar 11th 2010
Regarding Lou Reed... certainly he doesn't like the fact that people are picking up heroin based on his songs, and he's not pro-drug today or really ever, nor on heroin today, but where do you have it that he's never done heroin? That doesn't sound right... in fact, doesn't he blame Metal Machine Music on heroin?
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