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02:45:33 AM Mar 8th 2014
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Is there a specific subtrope of this where old characters' style is carried on while new ones' style is different and consistent with the rest of the comic (backgrounds etc.)?
06:57:57 AM Apr 28th 2012
Is there a trope for when a characters meets a version of himself drawn in a elder style? It happened with batman in the Zero-Hour series. And more than once.
06:11:27 AM Apr 20th 2012
Isn't this YMMV? Take Frank Miller for instance, many think his style is getting worse, others think it's getting better.
03:47:52 PM Oct 15th 2011
Should the line in the Webcomics folder "Seeing as how webcomics generally include inexperienced or non-professional artists, Art Evolution is often the default. " be removed? This seems a bit derogatory and redundant. If this really IS the feeling of the majority of people, then it'd probably do better as part of the actual article and not a bullet point in the folder.

Honestly... I think it's a bit rude to just group all webcomic folks together as being "inexperienced or non-professional artists". If that is the general prejudice, then you can say that about any of the genres.
05:48:51 PM Jun 5th 2012
I was thinking maybe we should split webcomics off onto thier own subpage because it's getting so big. I'm trying to think opf how to reword it.
01:07:17 AM Mar 6th 2011
I'm just wondering if this particular trope should really be named "Art Evolution". The second word is usually reserved for improvement, and I'm just worried that the name would be confusing for readers.

I'm aware of the clarification in the description, but personally that makes it worse. Would there be a better term for this trope?
10:39:35 PM Sep 4th 2016
It was confusing to me. I came to the article because I was weirded out that someone referred to the "art" in "seasons 3 & 4" of "Dexter's Lab" as art evolution.
09:50:35 AM Jan 17th 2011
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DAMN!!? I can't seem to find the chart depicting the increase in breast size!!

...i'm referring to the last point on one piece btw if anyone didn't get me

p.s i'll cut the troper if the above mentioned chart is faux
07:36:11 AM Oct 26th 2010
Making a random point again: Sometimes it's like playing the telephone game with yourself, if you don't have control art.. you just look at the drawing you did yesterday.
09:19:59 AM Sep 18th 2010
Uh, what's with the gushing over the art in College Rommies From Hell? It's pretty bad.

Like, it's definitely improved, but it's still really poorly drawn.
06:16:06 PM Sep 10th 2010
edited by werdnak84
Oh my God, would someone PLEASE sort through the anime/manga section and weed out all the links to One! They took down all their scanlations, and winding up on dead links is annoying and a thrill-killer!
11:30:11 AM Apr 17th 2010
This page's image should be changed back to the Garfield evolution chart. Bleach doesn't really show that much of a graphic change in Kubo's style, and it also already has links to other images where it's on the examples list.
08:59:24 AM Apr 22nd 2010
edited by NatTheWriter
I'unno, I find that the change is very clear. Earlier on, the chin has a somewhat bizarre shape, which becomes more natural over time. Gradually the nose turns into an actual nose as opposed to a few dots. Lastly, the lineart is now much cleaner.

Not sure about what you mean by your second point.
02:27:27 PM May 2nd 2010
I agree, the Garfield image was clearer and fits the page layout better to boot.
03:03:32 PM May 2nd 2010
edited by SomeGuy
I also agree. Someone not familiar with manga to start out with is going to be hard-pressed to see clear differences in the picture comparisons. The Garfield Art Evolution is far more obvious to everyone, and it's much easier to make a visual comparison.

Afraid I have some bad news, though. The Garfield picture was removed in the last Image List clearing, which means a new one would have to be made from scratch. I've found the strip, but it's a gif image and I don't possess the software necessary to shop it.
03:16:07 PM Jun 16th 2010
I really do not like the new image, the Garfield image was much better and whoever removed it should be ashamed for their anime-loving weeabooness. Ugh.

I say we just use the strip used above. ...Hey. Did anyone else notice that Garfield was much less fat than his 70's counterpart in the strip?
03:23:46 PM Jun 16th 2010
07:03:06 AM Jun 17th 2010
That'll do fine until we find a higher quality version.
04:08:30 PM Jun 26th 2010
"...whoever removed it should be ashamed for their anime-loving weeabooness."

Wait, what? ಠ_ಠ

Anyway, are you guys going to change it or what?
04:38:13 PM Jun 26th 2010
Seconding the "wait, what" there.

I changed it, but I must have screwed something up because the caption width looks weird. I'm not sure what I did wrong, though. :/
04:54:55 PM Jun 26th 2010
Yeah, I'm seeing it too. I'll see if I can fix it, but I think someone that has more experience in Wiki-formatting may be better help.
10:21:29 PM Jul 3rd 2010
I'm peeved the at the former image because you changed a perfect example with a worse example because it was manga. The only change I saw in it was his chin.

hhnnnngh. This is from a guy who was always peeved about all the Japanese-titled tropes, half of which are entirely unnecessary and have perfectly good alternate titles.
10:58:11 PM Jul 3rd 2010
I fixed the image. the problem is that the image was wider than the wiki maximum display width of 330 pixels. The software automatically shrunk the image to that size before displaying it, but left the caption box at 395.
02:45:15 PM Mar 6th 2010
Hmm, maybe if I read the manga or watched the anime I could tell better, but I can't see a drastic change in the artstyle of One Piece from the pictures shown.
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