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06:39:14 PM Apr 27th 2011
What about in Minecraft, the traps people have made that involve shooting arrows through lava to create flaming arrows, which can set things on fire. It can be used for lighting floors on fire, but other than that it's plain aesthetics.
09:26:41 AM Feb 10th 2011
Okay... what's with the bollocks about lighting arrows on fire by wrapping an impractically large cloth around the head? A coating of Pitch on the Arrowhead does the exact same damn job better, and was the method used historically.

There's no need for the condescending bullshit in the main discussion.
07:05:59 AM Nov 11th 2010
In Half Life 2, you get a crossbow that fires (if I remember correctly) a superheated piece of rebar. It's an awesome one-shot kill (for anything but armored robots) whose only disadvantage is a slow fire and load rate. Is this close enough to count, or is this something else? It's technically not *on fire* but if it existed in real life, it would almost certainly set a lot of targets aflame.
04:21:50 AM Oct 17th 2010
edited by Camacan
Removed this comment from Braveheart — interesting comment but it does not address the matter of why the English did not notice the pitch. In any case, Repair, don't respond.

  • Knowing where a person is going to be before a battle starts can be as simple as asking, "What's the position with the best advantage for my opponent's troops?" then letting them have that location.
04:19:50 AM Oct 17th 2010
Examples should stick to arrows.

  • Bringing the concept into the modern day with a bang, the newest Alone in the Dark game has fire bullets.
    • Bullets on fire are definitely Truth in Television. Tracer rounds are bullets packed with metal salts (for color) and magnesium (for flammability and light) that is ignited when the bullet is fired. The magnesium burns with the salts to produce a trail of bright colored light that helps a shooter direct their rounds to the target.
      • And then add incendiary bullets, meant to set things on fire. Now, do Incendiary Tracer rounds.
      • And then there's Dragon's Breath shotgun rounds, which turns a shotgun into a (short range, weak) flamethrower. Perfect for zombies!
07:01:52 PM Jun 29th 2013
How about the M202 FLASH?
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