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03:10:10 AM Feb 7th 2011
Unless I'm missing something, the main World of Warcraft example is actually an example of Fan Dumb.

The orcs are new to the planet. They arrived on Azeroth only a few decades before World of Warcraft. The dwarves, on the other hand, have been their practically since the planet was formed. I'm not exactly sure when they arrived in Alterac, but considering other Alliance races have been settled in the area long before the Horde was even known to Azeroth... it's at least a debate more suited to Warcraft fans, and not a definite fact that White Wolf tried to piss everyone off.
04:12:43 AM Jul 22nd 2010
Y'know, having an 'open/close all folders' button on both the top and bottom of pagers is actually really useful. I'm gonna start doing that to every page.