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05:26:35 AM Aug 18th 2011
Should Archangel Raphael have his own page?
09:05:58 PM Aug 24th 2011
Yes. I have already made one. It is in YKTTW.
02:47:59 AM Jun 1st 2011
Is there a trope for someone that people don't remember becoming a character, or someone claiming not to be a bitch while being one? Because Heather fits both. I had to look up who the heck she was. And, no, helping fix Logan's car doesn't make you not a bitch.
07:29:02 AM Jun 1st 2011
What the hell are you talking about? Who's Heather? Who's Logan?
06:03:33 AM Aug 25th 2011
I think someone had multiple tabs open and commented in the wrong one. We've all done it (and if anyone says "I haven't", that just means you've not done it yet).
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