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02:51:19 PM Mar 14th 2018
Removed this line from the end of the fourth paragraph: " (Plus, of course, all that hard work gives you a good appetite, so you also don't need all the fancy dishes to tempt your stomach, unlike the city, and tires you out so you don't need to resort to drugs to sleep.)" The paragraph is talking about characters in media, not real life and the sentence is talking about ridiculous stereotypes: not all work in rural areas makes you hungry or tired, not all work in the city is easy, good food is not just developed or appreciated in the cities and sleeping medicine are not only or even primarily used by people in the city. That last argument also smacks of condescension to people who need drugs to function. The sentence could get reworked to talk about the ideas people have about Arcadia about work, eating and sleeping and put in a more appropriate place, but I don't think it's worth saving.
01:45:32 PM Oct 12th 2014
Does the Ba'ku village from "Star Trek: Insurrection" fit here?
03:52:44 AM Oct 13th 2014
You'll need to explain why. That is not enough context for other people to gauge.
09:27:10 PM Sep 20th 2012
The old image is "Childhood Idyll.JPG", it's subdued color scheme seems more in line with Fallout than a neighbor of Ghibli Hills. This one is "A_Rest_by_the_Way_by_Charles_James_Adams_8545.jpg"
02:44:46 AM Nov 27th 2010
Just finished alphabetizing and cleaning up the categories (many children's literature examples were in Anime for some reason).
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