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01:51:19 PM Sep 23rd 2016
edited by zylon
If there's a legitimate technical or balance reason to limit headcount, it's not really arbitrary, is it?
02:23:36 PM Sep 23rd 2016
In-Universe it's arbitrary. That's the point.
12:09:49 PM Jul 19th 2010
Removed natter:

  • Justified in Final Fantasy VII. Near the beginning of the game, when the number of allies travelling with the main character exceeds the 'recommended' amount, they split into two groups and arrange to meet up at the next plot-relevant location because, technically, they are all wanted terrorists. It is essentially decided that, since the antagonists are searching for a group of 5 people, they wouldn't stop to question a group of 3 and a group of 2 moving separately (ignoring the fact that one of these members is an enormous guy with a machine gun grafted to his arm, another has a ridiculous haircut and a sword longer than he is tall, while a third is a bright orange, talking lion...)
    • As ridiculous as the cast of characters sounds, over the course of the game you see SOLDIERs with gigantic swords, another guy with a machine gun grafted to his arm, and Nanaki cannot be the only member of his race, given we see puppies at the end of the game. Apparently the world is just so crazy that only with the group together are they actually suspicious.
    • Further justified when you gather even more allies, all of whom are actually quite unsavoury characters when compared to the general population. There's the Phlebotinum-stealing Ninja girl with a grudge against the antagonists who defeated her home country in a crippling war (technically making her an illegal immigrant and terrorist of sorts to boot), a genetically modified Vampire-person who was betrayed and backstabbed by the antagonist's Dragon organisation, and a renegade Rocket pilot who has spent years annoying the antagonist's bureacracy before outrightly defying the President and stealing his aeroplane. Quite honestly, it's probably a good idea that these people only hang out in groups of 2 or 3 because no one in their right mind would deal with them if they knew the full extent of the company they keep...
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