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07:40:01 AM Jul 16th 2012
I wonder whether the name has to do anything with "Phlebotomy".
04:44:30 PM Feb 22nd 2012
edited by Ghilz
I removed the following:

CSI and its spinoffs come with phlebotinum by the liter. Their favorite kind appears to be Luminol, the substance that reveals traces of blood. Luminol is real, though it's not nearly as convenient as it is on TV.*

It's an example that was in the middle of the description for no reason. Why in particular note one show's example of Phlebotinum (Especially when it's worded more as a example would than a demonstration of the trope for definition purposes)? Furthermore, it is voiced in a rather complaining manner (Tropes Are Not Bad) and borders on Artistic License Chemistry.
12:04:13 PM Oct 15th 2011
Okay, reading the description it seems that Applied Phlebotinum is pretty much a magi-tech plot device. I'm not sure how Ambiguous Disorder fits in on this, Fast Eddie says it does though, and I'm not going to argue with him because that is a no-win scenario if ever there was one, but I honestly don't understand how someone having a bizarre, pseudo-mental-disorder in the name of comedy fits in with magi-tech device that makes the sci-fi-fantasy plot work. Can someone explain it to me please, Eddie thinks it is obvious, but it isn't to me I'm afraid. This is probably me not understanding it properly though.
06:18:37 PM May 9th 2016
Ambiguous Disorder is something that you wouldn't find in real life, so the use of blaming something on some kind of condition is kinda like using Phlebotinum to explain quirky or weird behaviour.
07:07:20 PM Aug 16th 2011
Test to see if old discussion topics can still be opened.
04:57:47 PM Apr 22nd 2011
edited by Graven_Image
Something just hit me. What's the difference between Phlebotinum and Green Rocks? Both are pretty much defined as "A substance that does what the plot needs it to."
06:22:26 PM May 9th 2016
Green Rocks are more of a substance that is commonly used on it's own, Phlebotinum is something made up to allow fixing/construction of a device, or just to explain it.
03:55:32 PM Sep 2nd 2010
edited by DonaldthePotholer
Just to say that, at first, I read this trope as Applied Plotonium (As in Plot plus -onium

EDIT: Now on a Troper Tales Page. (So Mods, do with this post as you will.)
07:52:19 PM Feb 11th 2011
How exactly do you pronounce it? Fleh-BOT-in-um?
12:13:42 PM Jul 1st 2010
I'm guessing this isn't likely, but if anyone likes the idea of changing this trope's name to Valmorification, I'm 100% behind it.
12:30:47 PM Jul 1st 2010
The current name is memetic right now. The one you propose isn't gonna be gotten by people who haven't seen the film you PotHoled to.
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