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10:50:03 AM Aug 30th 2013
Anyone else notice the relatively high proportion of examples that are just faux-victimization from opponents of gay marriage? ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)
05:52:48 PM Apr 30th 2013
I miss the "Because Subtlety is for the Weak" caption.
06:33:24 PM Apr 30th 2013
Yeah, the Warhammer 40K quote was funny.
10:52:27 PM Dec 27th 2014
I was just about to write that.
06:57:40 PM Jan 29th 2013
Is there some sort of "No Specific Examples Only" rule in effect on this trope?
07:48:48 AM Dec 17th 2012
Why is TNG episode "Drumhead" considered Anvilicious trope and not Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped trope?
12:32:34 PM Jun 30th 2015
edited by tketch
Because YMMV.

This whole article/trope page is inherently biased in favor of the smirking, eye-rolling cynics, which is not true of most other tropes which can go either way.
09:04:56 AM Nov 5th 2017
As opposed to the gullible, slack jawed idealists?
10:01:30 PM Aug 23rd 2012
So has anyone read the Family Guy section lately? It's full of serious butthurt. The South Park section by comparison has a much more approving tone.
07:35:40 PM Mar 25th 2012
The Metro 2033 entry is unfair, considering the complexity of the game's story. Yes, it takes place after a nuclear war devastated the surface, but that's the *setting* to the game, not an anvilicious message.

Anyway, I'm removing it.
08:42:28 PM Jun 13th 2011
edited by Carnildo
"* The Mercedes Lackey School of Heavy-Handed Social Commentary. Of particular note: Every single one of her villains is oversexed, perverted, and/or a rapist. Every. Single. One."

Of the villains I can recall:
  • Ma'ar: Yes, at least in his later incarnations
  • Ancar: Yes
  • Hulda: Yes
  • Lord Orthallan: No
  • Emperor Charliss: No
  • Thanel: No
  • Guildmaster Vatean: No (profiting from it, sure, but not engaging in it)
If you start including minor villains, the ratio goes down even further. It's only when you start counting mooks that it goes back up.
02:56:11 PM May 7th 2011
Do we really need that whole Bible rant in the Literature section? Ironically enough, it just seems to be a particularly angry Author Filibuster.
12:37:12 PM Apr 17th 2011
There are 2 references to Avatar. I'm removing the shorter one, because of it's obvious lack of clarification.
12:36:25 PM Apr 17th 2011
This article is hardly more than an excuse to complain about an outcome of the story some people don't like. This article is like 1 step above Broken Aesop. This should be moved to the Darth Wiki.
08:43:07 PM Feb 26th 2014
I agree with this. A majority of the examples seems to be people complaining about various pieces of media they don't like. This has become another iteration of the 'Just Bugs Me' issue.
02:06:07 AM Apr 12th 2011
What's this talk about rock music being evil in Discworld? The gun was evil, sure (it is, after all, a killing machine), but the Music in Soul Music never came across as evil, only completely alien to this world and unaware of the consequences of its effect on creatures. If anything, it was an Eldritch Abomination without anything particularly abominable about it.
10:41:37 AM Mar 15th 2011
"1000 Ways to Die." Anvilicious to the point of Urban Legend status. Do something bad, then you die.
07:52:06 PM Sep 12th 2010
** Not to mention the not at all subtle pro-life messages in the fourth book. Meyer actually describes pregnancy as "not a choice- a necessity"

That's just a refection of stephenie meyer's warped worldview. If bella compared Roe vs Wade to the rule of king herod than you be on to something.
05:49:13 AM May 19th 2010
Why does the Avatar example keep on getting removed. The message of the movie is as sublte as a ton of bricks
04:27:44 PM Jun 9th 2010
Fan Dumb, perhaps? The DVD was released on Earth Day in case the film was too subtle for you.
03:03:17 AM Jul 17th 2011
edited by Malchus
I know this is late, but just to make it clear to anyone who thinks that example was removed just because "hurf durf, the fans can't take their movie being slammed":

Important Note: Please, do not use the examples just to whine about messages you don't like. It gets really old and annoying. Any examples which elicit nothing but whining and/or rabid defense of the validity of its message will be removed as Flame Bait.

If only people were restrained enough that bringing up that film didn't turn into long, heated Conversation in the Main Page every single TIME, it would probably not have been removed do much.
06:41:25 AM Apr 2nd 2010
How is Warhammer 40K anvillicious? Reading the entry I'm rather confused, apart from the 1st objection being rather specific (their example of a fascist deity figure would be a jab at more religions than christianity), doesn't 40K in it's presentation of the ultimate crap-sack world ignore trying to give morals entirely? I would think that 40K doesn't really try to give any message except "buy more merch" and "flamers and chainsaw swords are awesome".
06:43:54 PM Mar 3rd 2010
Here's an anvilicious topic: There is a new discussion system.
10:14:35 PM Mar 3rd 2010
04:26:47 PM Jun 9th 2010
Religilous, Michael Moore and George W. Bushisms are Anvilicious Take Thats against their chosen targets. I say they remain.
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