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10:14:59 AM Sep 3rd 2014
Not sure if this is an example or not — it's a subversion of a punchline that's been heavily set up, would that count?

In a Modern Family episode where the family goes to Australia, Claire repeatedly refers to a project she's working on as her "baby". When it gets stolen out of her tent by a dingo, she panics:
Claire: A wild dog took my laptop!
Alex: Seems like a missed opportunity...
11:24:53 AM May 18th 2014
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Since I don't watch Childrens Hospital, I don't know if it is full of Anti-Humor, but I don't think the given example works as one. It's sets you up to expect a regular event, then gives you something else. That's just a joke. Anti Humor would be if they somehow set it up that the doctor was going to pinch the girl and then just gave her the shot.

10:15:52 AM Sep 3rd 2014
Agreed. I've removed it, and there wasn't really any other content in the example that justified keeping it.
11:43:46 AM Nov 30th 2010
Thank you everybody. Finding good examples of Anti Humor in media isn't exactly easy and I was afraid when I first launched it that it would be deemed relevant enough to remain.
02:43:39 PM Mar 26th 2011

Would this count additionally in the "Why did the chicken cross the road?" section?
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