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03:10:17 PM May 15th 2012
I think we should have Calvin's Dad's angrish as the page quote.
01:52:13 AM May 16th 2012
Changing quotes is fine; just remember to move the current one the the Quotes tab.
11:51:53 PM Nov 13th 2012
Seconded—the current one requires context to make any sense, and isn't terribly illustrative
03:25:03 PM Apr 12th 2010
"Of course, that could have less to do with the trope itself and more to do with the fact that Maddow is a biased Smug Snake talking head who is but one of the people (on both the left and right) who exemplify why TV news in the United States is a COMPLETE FUCKING JOKE."

Whoa. Dude. Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment.
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