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08:56:08 PM Jul 11th 2014
In regards to the example for Grandma Got Bitten By A Vampire, does anybody have a link to that story?
11:33:19 PM Sep 7th 2013
  • In the Doom movie, Reaper is dying and his sister subjects him to the chromosome which had turned everyone else into monsters. Luckily (and perhaps subverting this trope) he is among the small percent of humans who don't turn into monsters when exposed to it and instead become 'angels'.

Examples Are Not Arguable and Repair, Don't Respond. Could someone who knows the movie please sort out whether Sarge qualifies or not?
09:20:42 PM Jul 2nd 2013
Due to being new, I am not going to edit it in; but in an indie game called "White Noise, A Tale of Horror" this trope is obviously prevalent. This Indie Game can be seen and bought on the Xbox-live Game Marketplace. As a Paranormal Investigator, you must find evidence on a series of mysterious disappearances. Evidence comes in the form of 8 tape recorders that must be found. It is very slender-esque in that you are constantly pursued by a malignant entity. Now, with the final recorder collected, the trope goes into play. Your flashlight's light-bulb explodes and your vision goes red. Static can be heard. You lift your arms to see... That you are now the monster!
03:29:04 PM Oct 20th 2012
What is the Trope Namer? Seriously, the entry for Red Dead Redemption explicitly states that the relevant achievement directly quotes the trope namer, but it is both the only link to Trope Namer on the page, and just identifies it as 'the trope namer'.
11:21:46 AM Jul 31st 2012
I removed "Contrast with Can't Stay Normal".

This isn't really a contrast with that trope, that I can see.

A hero who finds he needs his superpowers back might be losing himself to the powers, leading to him "becoming the zombie", but it's only two tropes used together there.

I think the idea was "hero turns into a monster" is sort of opposite to "hero gives up his powers", but that's not really what Can't Stay Normal is about anyway.
02:12:36 PM Oct 27th 2010
Someone posted this video in a reply to the Shadow Over Innsmouth example. Cut due to Conversation in the Main Page, but kept here due to teh funny:

08:04:58 PM Sep 2nd 2010
Awww, what happened to the kickass Eversion pic?
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