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08:05:14 AM Jun 14th 2016
edited by Arivne
Someone (or someones) massively screwed up this page while editing it, including messing up the alphabetical order of folder names, having a Gamebooks folder and page that duplicated each other, and a Mythology, Religion and Myth and Religion folders.

I took care of the first two but I don't know about the third. For non-duplicate entries (if any), should the Myth and Religion folder contents be split up among Mythology and Religion or the Myth and Religion folder contents be added to Myth and Religion?
12:43:49 PM Apr 4th 2016
Do we need the spoiler tags for the real life section? Or two Religion sections?
08:36:10 AM Apr 5th 2016
Only if they work as jokes. If no, zap them.
08:10:51 AM Jun 14th 2016
Unspoilered all Real Life examples.
07:56:22 PM Sep 17th 2010
What was the old quote for the main page? I really loved it and thought it summed up the feeling of And I Must Scream pretty well. I'd love to have a copy of it since it was swapped out for the new one.
10:29:53 PM Sep 23rd 2010
I completely agree, but I was the one who changed the picture back so I thought changing the quote back too would be presumptuous. But it seems I'm not alone, so I'll see if I can reproduce the old quote from memory...
08:07:40 PM Jun 7th 2010
edited by Zuxtron
The definition of "And I Must Scream" REALLY needs to be changed. We have immortals stuck forever, normal people preserved for a very long time, people stuck for a short time, people who are in a situation that makes most people scream, but they are unable to scream, and lots more. IMO, this trope should be limited to people who are stuck for a long time (More than a month) or forever. The people who need to scream but can't should be removed.
01:57:17 PM Jul 7th 2010
We DO have a good definition for And I Must Scream. The problem is people just seem to read the name of the trope and apply it without really knowing what it means.
05:45:32 PM Apr 2nd 2010
You know, since Immortality doesn't exist yet, why do we have Real Life examples?
06:37:04 PM Apr 3rd 2010
You don't have to be immortal, you just have to be alive in such a way that you can't just suicide yourself out of suffering.
03:15:51 AM Apr 9th 2010
edited by SantosL.Halper
Nope: A character suffers from an extreme Fate Worse Than Death. Death never comes to free him from it. He is immobilized or otherwise contained, unable to communicate with anyone, and unlikely to be removed from this situation not even by death anytime in the foreseeable future.
05:30:39 PM Nov 2nd 2013
It might not be quite to the point of immortality in Real Life, but a slow, lingering and painful death could be a case of "about as close to this trope as you can get in Real Life" if it's horrific enough.
10:57:12 PM Jan 10th 2016
Locked-in syndrome seems like a pretty clear-cut And I Must Scream if it happens relatively early in life- obviously if you're 70 it's not quite the same, but a 20-year-old with it is a definite example.
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