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10:04:40 AM Jul 22nd 2014
How come the Playing With page doesn't appear in the main page?
06:26:38 PM Jan 26th 2014
08:21:41 AM May 18th 2013
I removed this example. It seems like two tropers didn't agree whether it's this trope or not. Add it back without natter if it fits.

  • One Piece gives an example when Porche meets Chopper. She constantly hugs him, much to his own dismay when he is forced to join the Foxy Pirates because of the Strawhats losing the first round of a Davy Back Fight. Chopper is all too happy to get away from her when he is won back.
    • That's more of Cuteness Proximity than anything else. Chopper wasn't exactly afraid or uncomfortable because of Porche hugging him. He was more upset about the fact the he had to leave the Straw Hat Pirates than he was scared over hugs. The anime Flanderized] the relationship between the two in the filler] and made him hide for his life from her. Still, Chopper wasn't being crushed in her arms or anything. He was just scared that he might not see his friends ever again. Knowing Chopper, if Porche was gushing over his cuteness any other time, he'd probably dance around while blushing before calling her an asshole. If this is an example, then it is a very downplayed example since Chopper wasn't exactly being loved "to death" or even accidentally abused or anything like that.
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