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08:24:56 AM Mar 24th 2013
The "index" tags cover only Amiga-exclusive games, but exclude ports. Unlike the articles for other computers. Is this correct?
04:38:08 AM Mar 28th 2011
edited by DraculaOnABike
I changed this:
  • It isn't recommended to buy emulator products (a-la Amiga Forever) as these often cost more than an A500 with games, and include a very limited ammount of software due to licencing issues.
for these reasons:
  • Out-of-production hardware will become scarcer / more expensive as time goes on. (Especially because of the aforementioned battery corrosion problem.)
  • An A500 won't help those who want to run AGA (1200/4000/CD32) software (except as a way of making diskette images for use on an emulator).
  • Current prices I saw for A500s are at least as much as the price of Amiga Forever (CD version), and often much more.
  • Amiga Forever isn't limited to running only the software included with it; it's possible to make diskette images (for example, with adfread) for use on an emulator, and some have been made available legally for free download (for example, at back2roots.org).
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