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01:07:06 AM Feb 9th 2014
How come this isn't a YMMV trope?
01:09:26 AM Feb 9th 2014
Because the previous Trope Repair Shop discussion and next discussion decided against.
06:06:32 AM Dec 15th 2012
Why is the Death Note example removed from this trope?
04:12:06 PM Aug 6th 2011
edited by ShrekFan100
...Never mind...
03:01:51 PM Jun 19th 2010
You know, I honestly liked the old picture better, even if it was a furry. The new pic isn't so much ambiguous as just plain Straight Gay.
03:15:14 PM Jun 19th 2010
Also, the person who insists on it is refusing to address the points made by the person who reverted it the first time. I'm going to call "put up or shut up" and fix it.
01:32:32 AM Jul 26th 2010
I also agree, the old image was more accurate and more amusing.
09:56:01 AM Jul 26th 2010
edited by SomeGuy
I think this is a different picture than the one being discussed above. Either way, I've reverted to the old image- the furry dude is ambiguous. Bishōnen dude wearing a purple shirt is Just a Face and a Caption.
09:13:29 PM Sep 2nd 2010
Can we please change the image so it's not something from some obscure webcomic?
09:32:29 PM Sep 2nd 2010
I don't see why it being from an obscure webcomic is a problem, it illustrates the trope better than the Just a Face and a Caption one.
02:55:07 PM Sep 3rd 2010
So there's no other image that will work?
06:34:15 PM Sep 30th 2010
It is amusing, and accurately relates to the trope. Why feel the need to replace it with another when There Is No Such Thing as Notability
07:54:14 PM Jan 12th 2014
Which webcomic is it from?
07:55:18 PM Mar 25th 2016
I always saw the image as a guy with long hair, and having nail polish is caring about your hygiene, nothing else. Also, wasn't the right earring, the "gay earring"?
12:50:12 PM Mar 7th 2018
I'm coming to this discussion late, but in addition to it being from an obscure furry webcomic, it's also not that great of a visual example; it's extremely text-heavy and relates to a character being this trope In-Universe, whereas the trope is generally used more for Doylist examples of a work being unclear on a character's sexual orientation.

At the same time, I'm sort of unsure if there's a better option. I think maybe just having this page be image-free might be the best way to go?
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