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11:42:40 AM Jun 13th 2014
I would have preferred in "Amazing Grace"—the biopic about Wilberforce—that they had sung it to other Common Meter hymn tunes and THEN at the end had the bagpipers play "New Britain". For one thing, it would have made the audience focus on the words more.
12:26:08 PM Dec 6th 2013
I don't want to remove the link to the Amazing Harp video, but I think it's wrong. That's not a different tune, it's just a different arrangement. It sounds unusual because the melody isn't being carried by the highest voices, but if you listen carefully you can pick it out (it's probably easier for basses, because our ears automatically tune into the bass line anyway, which isn't all that different).
10:17:11 AM Dec 21st 2011
It doesn't fit with Beverly Hillbillies, though. It's 8,6,8,6, not 8,8,8,8.
01:50:43 PM Jul 20th 2011
I think the page quote should be changed. The one's up there are funny and all, but I gotta say the line "This sound strikes a chord. Whether in Rome or Helvetia, it is the same" sorta sums up the idea of the universal power of the piece much better. There's a reason it's called Amazing Freaking Grace after all.
07:08:10 AM Mar 23rd 2010
Meems: Why do some people seem to think that using any other song in a situation where Amazing Freaking Grace would be expected is a parody? It sounds more like an aversion to me.
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