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08:34:23 PM Jul 14th 2011
edited by nroejb
I'm quite sure to have seen some female Absent-Minded Professors. In it's entry it's described with "he (and it's very often a he)". Maybe a "most of the time male" trope isn't that a good example for a "always male" topic. I don't remember any names though (exept maybe Fran Madaraki from Franken Fran), but still think this example should be removed (which I, due to leak of knowledge won't do myself).

The same goes for the "Evil Genius" trope, I think in recent Years, female intellectuals of all mindsets and alignments have become more frequent. They are often seen as direct rival to the female genius protagonist or team member.
09:20:36 AM Dec 27th 2011
There are a few tropes here which appear to be unisex to me. The Absent-Minded Professor does not necessarily have to be male, although in practice it almost always is. However, I don't see how there's anything specifically male about being a Dirty Coward, or about the Yellow Peril. If nobody objects, I might just remove them.
08:41:50 AM Apr 14th 2013
I'm considering removing Prince Charmless because it does say it can happen with females, but it's more rare. Most gender-specific tropes say "This trope is almost always [whatecer gender]."
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