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07:53:52 PM Oct 15th 2014
Why is this showing up twice at the bottom of the indexed pages?
02:09:43 AM Oct 16th 2014
Fixed it by removing the indexing and then readding it.
01:41:06 PM Feb 4th 2012
I think it might be a good idea to divide the page into three categories: tropes that are usually female (e.g. Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter), tropes that biologically must be female (e.g. Boobs of Steel), and tropes where being female is part of the trope (e.g. Action Girl). Likewise with Always Male.
01:44:12 PM Feb 4th 2012
That's a good idea. Dumb Blonde for instance is usually female but occasionally male.
01:42:49 PM Jul 27th 2011
Just wondering why these two are here:

I know that The Chick can be female, and that this member of the Five-Man Band is often characterized by being the most feminine, with somewhat feminine traits (ie: Closer to Earth, The Heart, Team Mom, Distressed Damsel...). Still, it is possible for this role to be filled by a boy, like as a Non-Action Guy or even a Cute Shotaro Boy Fragile Speedster. As for The Dark Chick, this is supposed to be the "quirky" member of a Five-Bad Band. According to the main page, the male-to-female-ratio is more evenly split 50/50, so it's far from being confined to this index. The Dark Chick need not be "girlish" per se, but they usually stand out as being considerably 'different' from the rest of the team; whether they're a Perky Female Minion or relatively funny in the head (and not in that sort of way), or maybe a borderline Token Good Teammate.

I just don't see how these two should be on this index, that's all.
09:22:20 AM Feb 3rd 2012
Some more tropes that I think should be removed from the index, divided into somewhat organized categories:

Also, I noticed that compared with the Always Male page, this index looks much more organized, including related indexes and even Sister Tropes. I think the Always Male page could use some maintainance.
09:26:41 AM Mar 18th 2012
edited by mrpresto
I fixed the duplicate Neutral Female entry.

Oh, and I think Scary Librarian and Morality Chain should be removed too. The trope descriptions are unisex save for the pronouns used or the injection of stereotypes, and there's a fair number of male examples in both pages.
11:13:19 AM Oct 3rd 2012
Male example in Town Girls!

Please remove.
08:19:32 AM Apr 14th 2013
Now that Fast Eddie made The Chick always a girl I put it back.
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