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02:58:31 PM May 12th 2010
re: cutlist

There seems to be a trope here. Perhaps delete and run it through YKTTW.
04:55:03 PM May 12th 2010
well put it into YKTTW then.
07:20:50 PM May 12th 2010
Will do.
09:13:10 PM May 12th 2010
<sigh> I just added a couple of examples — fanfic examples, but examples. I hope they make the YKTTW...
12:13:48 PM May 13th 2010
I've only gotten one example so far, but with the ones from AMF it's looking like a proper article.
12:19:21 PM May 13th 2010
Thank you!

I gotta warn you, the Beatles are quite popular for this sort of thing in works with sufficiently recent points of divergence — and since I am a Beatles & McCartney fan who also has some fondness for Alternate History, I am especially likely to run into (or seek out) and list those. I am wanting to list the Beatles references in Fatherland (both versions) now, but think maybe someone oughta list a more serious quick reference in there first...

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