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06:49:03 PM Sep 18th 2013
Should we remove the Final Fantasy IV example? The only unrequited love mentioned is a single love triangle, with a single person's love being unrequited. Unless there are more instances from the game that we could put in, I think we should remove FF IV.
06:23:30 PM Oct 5th 2013
Due to lack of protest, I've removed the Final Fantasy IV example from the page.
10:37:06 PM Jul 7th 2013
Should we have a different page for one it is(more or less) just one person under unrequited love since this page is for "all love" the two have both versions on this page, even though it is meant when everyone has it, it even says it.
04:51:54 AM Oct 1st 2012
Is Babylon 5 the Trope Namer for this trope? Susan Ivanova used the exact line, after all.
05:03:07 PM Apr 9th 2010
Totally reworked the Neon Genesis Evangelion Wall of Text. It read too gossipy and was largely off-topic. The characters are complex so it makes it a hard call where Unresolved Sexual Tension ends and Unrequited Love begins, and besides that there are like a trillion Love Triangles going on, so I'll break it down:

  • Shinji/Asuka
  • Asuka/Kaji
    • Kept. Asuka definately loves Kaji and Kaji definately doesn't return her feelings.
  • Rei/Shinji
  • Rei/Gendo
    • Gendo didn't love Rei herself, he loved who she reminded him of.
  • Gendo/Akagis
    • Kept.
  • Shinji/Kaworu
    • Not unrequited. Shinji is moved to tears when he sees him in The End. I haven't read the manga, but it doesn't sound like Shinji is being totally honest there.
  • Hikaru/Toji
    • Left in.
  • Fuyutski/Yui
    • Left in.
  • Maya/Ritsuko
    • Kept, though it's a little wishywashy.
  • Makoto/Misato
    • They seemed to have a thing after Kaji died. It may not be exactly pure love but it doesn't have to be. I'm not willing to judge her sincerity on it since he could just be trying to take advantage of her anyway.
  • Misato/Shinji
    • Even in the context of something as cynical as Eva I'm not willing to call either party in love with the other. Misato was lonely and vulnerable and Shinji was desperate for acknowledgement.
  • Misato/Kaji
    • Shitty relationship != unrequited love.

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10:36:09 PM Jul 7th 2013
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