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10:07:31 AM Dec 9th 2016
I have a problem with the image and caption.Not only is it JAFAAC, if this trope is truly about displaying how all trolls are different, why does it only have one kind? Shouldn't the image present many different kinds of troll through many sources of media?
12:00:49 PM Dec 9th 2016
You're absolutely right. Might be worth opening a thread on the forum.
11:31:46 AM Dec 20th 2011
Can someone tear down this unholy pile of Thread Mode, please?. And also say if it is actually an example?
  • Possibly the strangest example, trolls in Real Life, aren't really trolls at all, just rude people on the internet.
    • Which hasn't stopped 4chan from producing dozens of images using green, tusked fellows who look rather like Warhammer Orcs in business suits to say "Successful troll is successful."
      • IS it really that strange? Consider this. Let us us the trolls of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. Looking at it this was, a troll is a hideous, misshapen creature that waits under a bridge until it's chosen fare (in this case, goats) approaches, where it harasses them. Likewise, an internet troll is a hideous, misshapen creature that waits in message boards and comment sections, until it's chosen fare (in this case, people who will give it attention) approaches (which it knows they will), where it harasses them. Both trolls also show a stunning resiliency to the weapons of the day (Swords, axes, anything not on fire or coated din acid..... logic, reason, common sense, basic motor function....), regularly said to always rise after each successive onslaught. See? Not so strange.
        • Except the name for the internet troll is etymologically derived from a method of fishing known as "trolling", which involves dragging a baited hook behind a slow-moving boat until something bites, and has nothing to do with mythical creatures. ("Troll," in that sense, was originally strictly a verb; the noun form was "troller.")
        • On the other hand, the analogy perhaps demonstrates why the term has gained popularity: an obscure fishing term which, to most people, looks like a mispelling of "trawling" would not necessarilly resonate with a great many people, but when it begins to invite so clear a parralel with a commonly known creature of folklore, particularly one largely defined by it's repugnance, it is more easily incorporated into the common imagination.
    • Trolls themselves could be pretty diverse, since most trolls go after different individuals for different reasons and with different techniques. The only thing they share is that they're all in it for the lulz.
02:59:55 PM Feb 24th 2011
Im Swedish and Im very upset about some things in the article.

1. Troll does not mean Wizard, Trolleri means witchcraft though 2. A Tomte or Nisse is far from being a Troll. That "can also refer" is more like a "ALWAYS refers" 3. There are several small lies lying around on this page and I would love to hear where people got all this from...

Why Im so upset is because people actually believe this. The wikipedia page on trolls is way more accurate than this, and it DOES hAvE RELIABLE SOURCES! So reliable that a Scandinavian agrees.
04:25:59 PM Feb 24th 2011
Since you know so much, you're free to correct them! I won't stop you.
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