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12:05:26 AM Dec 13th 2013
Is there any page for the stock gemstone shapes? Diamonds are pointed, emeralds are rectangular, plus all these cool other shapes you find when playing Bejeweled
07:18:18 AM Dec 13th 2013
Them appearing in Bejeweled that way doesn't make them "stock" shapes.
07:47:42 PM May 6th 2013
I don't think the pixelated graphics of the minecraft screenshot are very clear. Maybe a differntly position one? Or something from Terraria?
11:42:12 AM May 7th 2013
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Huh, someone changed the image from the original without an IP thread.

For reference, it was Rarity from MLP, and is now gems from 'Minecraft''

Switching it back.
12:20:42 PM May 7th 2013
Yeah, the MLP one is much better.
07:29:14 PM Jun 25th 2013
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I don't think so. IMHO, we should use an image from something with a small(er) hatebase, and I certainly know how large the one of MLP is compared to Minecraft (think Jupiter compared to the Moon), so I'll change it back. Personally, I like the Minecraft one. Plus, there wasn't a true consensus for changing the Minecraft one back, so I don't see why it got changed back.
01:04:28 AM Jun 26th 2013
First, Please do not keep changing this image without an Image Pickin'' thread. I've gone ahead and made one here — please do come along and chime in. When it has concluded, its result will stand until the next IP thread and changing the image to anything else won't be kosher.

Second, See How to Pick a Good Image. "This work has a smaller hatedom" doesn't matter for images from it or from other works. What matters is how well the image itself shows the trope, after which other factors may come into play, but a work's hatedom isn't one such factor.

In this case, I personally think the MLP image works better at showing the trope because the gems clearly come right out of the ground. In the Minecraft image, they're carefully pre-arranged in a fancy room, which doesn't make them look natural.

Third, The image got changed back because there wasn't true consensus for changing the image to the Mincraft one. Image changes without an IP thread may be reverted.
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