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04:23:12 PM Feb 24th 2012
edited by TuefelHundenIV
The following Examples need to explain how the trope is used in the various works. It is like saying the weather is changing. Unless you say how it has changed, it is not very useful.

The examples should say how the aliens are invading. Are they attacking with a powerful military force? Are they infilitrating humanity through various means? Or is it some sort of combination?

From the main page
  1. The All-Out Attack. Technologically superior forces aim their weapons of war and three legged walkers at Earth, which bravely fights back, driving them off through cunning, bravery, or just dumb luck... most of the time.
  2. The Infiltration. Aliens are replacing, brainwashing, or controlling humans in order to take over from within. Generally, the populace at large doesn't even know it's happening. May involve The Virus.
  3. A combination of the above, with an infiltration paving the way for an all-out attack.

Is this a work or a sub bullet point tha twas not properly made?
  • The alien invaders attacked Tokyo using loads of Humongous Mecha, luckily for everybody, Chiri with the help of a magical stone mask was able to defeat them with ease. ~This an example or a sub bullet point?
    • Kafura explained how aliens can successfully infiltrate human society slowly but surely so they can use us humans for mincemeat as this video shows.

  • Rayquaza thinking this is what caused the events of Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys. ~ Needs to describe how this trope is used

  • In Kyon: Big Damn Hero it's in one character's backstory. It's the reason Michikyuu Kanae started sliding. ~Needs to explain how the tropes is used HOW are they invading?
    • In Open Battle Arc IV, it finally happened in the current world.

  • The Man with No Name: According to The Doctor, Earth was being hit with several of these right after the colonies left. He also claims it's probably why they have been cut off for so long. ~Needs to explain how the tropes is used HOW are they invading?

  • Axis Powers Hetalia fic :Invasion, has one that took place in contemporary times before the story actually begins. Humanity, or what's left had banded together and the surviving Nations find themselves struggling to stop the aliens even as the odds go in favor of them. Though they do win, the world's been thrown back to 1910, large parts of it are in ruins and America dreams of returning to the Moon. ~Needs to explain how the tropes is used HOW are they invading?

  • Several Godzilla and other Kaiju movies, sometimes infiltration, sometimes all-out... and then there is Destroy All Monsters, which is kind of both (the Aliens themselves don't really go all-out, but they capture and mind-control the Kaiju and make them do all the work). ~ Example needs to be specific. Which films, which kaiju movies?

  • Prophet's House : A dark fantasy/steampunk, and the Big Bad is a flesh-eating angel from space.

  • The Invaders, starring Roy Thinnes was this trope (version 2), crossed with You Have to Believe Me. ~ needs some more explanation

  • The Monkees episodes "The Monkees Watch Their Feet" and "The Frodis Caper". ~ Needs Clarification

  • The Twilight Zone: Did several Alien Invasion plots. ~A very vague example what invasion types anything of note?

    • The novelization of the first game by Vladimir Vasilyev reveals that the aliens move from system to system building temporary bases from which to launch invasions. One such race is encountered during the conflict, who arrive to Earth seeking help. Unfortunately, the trigger-happy X-COM soldiers shoot them all before realizing they look different.
  • Communist Mutants From Space: is about aliens from the planet Rooskee who invade democratic planets to convert their inhabitants into communist mutants. ~Which type of invasion?
  • Hello Kitty Roller Rescue has this as the plot.~More detail in general is needed.

  • ps238 examines and lampshades this trope (along with Planet Looters). ~Is there an actual alien invasion or not? IF so which variety?

  • It's Walky!The main plot is that the Walkyverse is being invaded by two races of Aliens: the Aliens, who prefer a subtle/overt combination of abductions, mind-control, and a giant Ape Robot, and the Martians, who are sending a really big force to wipe humanity out.
~ Does Earth get invaded or not? If so which variety?

06:32:35 AM Feb 19th 2012
edited by KirbyRider
  • Played Straight: Ack! Aliens! They are attacking!
  • Exaggerated: Too many aliens! The world should end any hour!
  • Downplayed: Aliens are invading... your personal space
  • Subverted: We thought those aliens were evil, but they are actually friendly.
  • Double Subverted: But they were Evil All Along!
  • Justified: The aliens attacked us because, don't you know about invasive species?
  • Inverted: We are invading the aliens' planet!
  • Averted: There aren't any aliens.
  • Zig-Zagged: 1/3 of us invade the aliens, and vice versa, or the aliens were revealed to be Good All Along, then Evil All Along, then finally Good All Along.
  • Deconstructed: The aliens that invaded us were actually criminals from their planet.
  • Reconstructed: The aliens were invaded, so they decided to invade back. Unfortunately, they attacked the wrong planet.
  • Enforced: The storywriter did believe in aliens, so he directed them to attack Earth.
  • Invoked: Our anti-alien security was destroyed!
  • Exploited: "Our planet is under attack... I should let everyone know!"
  • Defied: We need anti-alien security.
  • Untwist: We thought the aliens were friendly, but they weren't.
  • Played for Laughs: The aliens fired lasers that turn people into comedian zombies.
  • Played for Drama: The aliens attacked, and the reason for this was put into great detail.
12:04:30 PM Feb 19th 2012
Looks like a good entry for the played with page.

08:43:53 AM Feb 18th 2012
Ok folks I am looking to start cleaning up this page. If anyone wants to lend a hand please feel free to do so. I will be organizing the various works by alphabetical order inside their folders.
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