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04:12:01 PM Jun 11th 2012
The artwork for this one is cute. Great job.
02:25:07 PM Aug 21st 2010
Just for clarification: ethyl alcohol is a poison regardless of dosage. It is simply very weak poison that has to be administered in large quantities to be fatal and the body is capable of quick and full recuperation after minor cases of poisoning. Of course, it can be argued that the alcohol is merely psychoactive and its metabolites (mostly ethyl aldehyde) are poisonous.
09:18:53 PM Feb 15th 2011
Of course. Not that you're trying to argue that alcohol is evil in the first sentence. Any element in existence, in large enough amounts, is a poison.
03:49:58 PM Mar 29th 2012
edited by Stoogebie
I don't understand though, why the main page snarkily ridicules the idea of this trope, "as if one little drop of alcohol will irreparably harm the helpless little fetus". Now, without going off on a tangent about how some may feel about helpless little fetuses, when was the last time you heard of anyone drinking a mere drop of alcohol? (Maybe, if the woman is supposed to be on the "eat as though you were a Smurf diet"). I'm not saying that this trope doesn't take the 'drinking + gestation = bad' a bit too far, but can there please be some looking into maybe wording that part of the main a little differently?
11:33:13 AM Nov 29th 2012
It's pretty common to see people react surprisingly to a pregnant woman taking one sip of someone else's drink.
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