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02:23:32 AM Dec 12th 2011
"(It should be noted though, that with updated rules of engagement and improvements in missile guidance systems, no fighter based gun pod has ever been fired. Thus potentially validating the idea of their obsolescence) "

This is incorrect. Not only were gun pods used but they achieved air to air kills in Vietnam. May 22nd 1967 Robert Titus and Milan Zimer shot down a Mig-21 with a 20mm SUU-16 Gunpod. On November 6, 1967 Darrel Simmonds and George Mc Kinney downed two Mig-17s with a SUU-23 Gunpod.
12:04:01 AM Apr 5th 2011
"The Soviets also built helicopter gunships and armed transports but they were general purpose battlefield close support platforms with relatively few launch racks for antiarmor guided missiles, as their doctrine said that engaging enemy tanks was a task primarily for their own tanks."

Actually, Soviets saw anti-tank missiles as cheaper and more effective anti-tank weapons than tanks themselves. For MB Ts, they thought that their role was best suited for anti-personnel/anti-rear area targets with their large HE shell load rather than going head-to-head with enemy tanks.
06:13:31 PM Mar 30th 2011
"The (anti submarine) homing torpedo did not come into it's own until the 60s".

Number of subs sunk by mk-23 "mine" (aka Fido or wandering Annie). During WWII. 37.

Total number of subs sunk by homing torpedoes since 1960.. None known.

37 subs is a LOT (from 350 odd torps used). That's about 3-4 times as many as the Squid system (which admittedly came in much later) and a significant fraction of Airplane sub kills. Yes they were crude as hell (as were the German "Sparrow" torps and the "Cutie") but they weren't just used by a handful of planes, they were general issue weapons (which were classified, one reason they aren't spoken of more).
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