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12:05:20 AM Dec 8th 2015
Can the Eldritch Abomination be the worst nightmare of an Agent Scully?
08:12:36 AM Jan 2nd 2014
Shouldn't the Dursleys from Harry Potter be an example of this?
08:15:46 AM Jan 2nd 2014
Not really. They know Magic exists, they just hate it.
01:27:54 AM Dec 22nd 2013
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"Scully, in six years, how often have I been wrong? No seriously. I mean, every time I bring you a new case we go through this perfunctory dance. You tell me I'm not being scientifically rigorous and that I'm off my nut, and then in the end who turns out to be right like 98.9% of the time?"
Agent Mulder, finally calling Agent Scully out, The X-Files, Field Trip
01:42:59 PM Aug 10th 2012
What kind of trope is it if the Agent Scully in question happens to be a fantastic creature (like say, a fairy)?
09:21:56 AM Aug 21st 2013
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09:29:45 AM Aug 21st 2013
I'd think an extreme form of Arbitrary Skepticism.
12:14:45 PM Aug 21st 2013
I think it's still an Agent Scully—but it depends on what said fairy is skeptical about. If the fairy is skeptical about fairies, then maybe it's something else. But if the fairy is skeptical about UFO's, then it's still this trope.
09:58:48 AM Sep 18th 2011
I think the characterization of Agent Scully is a bit misleading. Very often, her view would pan out, or she would find the more productive way of establishing the truth of what had happened. Mulder's supposed open-mindedness sometimes was an insistence that he knew what the truth was, and it would take Scully yanking him back down to earth to see that another truth (perhaps still out there, but different) might be possible.

That, I think, is part of what made their partnership so interesting. The question wasn't whether Mulder or Scully was right, but how their different methods would lead to the truth.
07:39:51 AM Sep 19th 2010
I removed Albert Rosenfield (from Twin Peaks) from the list of example.

He's not an agent Scully. At no point, if I recall correctly, does he try to find a rational explanation for any of the extraordinary supernatural events that happens at various points during the show.

Furthermore, in The Movie, we get to see Albert and Cooper discussing the murder of Theresa Banks, and Albert doesn't seem to think that Cooper's prescience of the eventual murder of Laura Palmer is ludicrous in itself, except, for his comment Coop, you just described half the teenage girls of this country ! .

Albert is merely a Deadpan Snarker
03:49:24 PM Mar 27th 2010
Some people want to rename this trope. Single Proposition Crowner Alternative Titles Crowner
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