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05:19:32 AM Mar 21st 2015
Wouldn't this trope apply to Captain Hook from Peter Pan? I was under the impression that he's much older outside of the Disney adaptation. From my understanding, you stop aging as long as you're in Neverland, meaning Hook would perpetually be his old self...
10:33:49 AM Jun 25th 2013
... why is this called Age Without Youth? Wouldn't that describe... normal aging just as much?
08:00:02 PM Jul 15th 2010
I wanted to put it here since there's no place for fan works in this article:

Lost Boy Found, by this troper: After the climatic battle, Peter Pan wonders where his disgraced former Lost Boy member, Evil School Principle Sache Blackard, was at. Only to find him packing a gun and a flipped savviness to this trope: "The thing is, Peter. You have Eternal Youth. But you don't have Eternal Life. <shoots Peter in the chest>" The troper will keep this scene when he remakes the story in the 2011 Script Frenzy project.

YMMV on how this applies, however.
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