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12:32:27 PM Jun 26th 2012
Should we remove mention of the Adipose pills from the Doctor Who entry? The only deaths caused by the pills were the results of Matron Cofelia or potentially one of her subordinates actively triggering Emergency Parthenogenesis to convert the entire body to Adipose. The pill itself was fairly benign, and giving birth to a single Adipose seems relatively painless, based on the fact that very few, if any, people were able to notice anything other than weight loss had happened overnight.
05:03:18 AM Jun 15th 2012
Chopped this from Ghost in the Shell Innocence: Natter is bad, but all white, spoilered out natter is horrendous.

  • The reason she claims the robots as victims is because the abductee turned them into (unwilling?) kamikazes. Every robot that was copied from her killed itself (and sometimes others with them) in order to draw attention to the company, hoping that the investigation would save them. The question that the Major was posing was that, even if they were copies—they still essentially had ghosts, and causing them to kill themselves was wrong.
  • The gynoids were all that was left of the brainwashed children - for the sake of comparison, imagine if a doctor would seek to reveal an asylum's unethical experiments by brainwashing the victimized patients to commit murders and suicides. Sure, it would draw the attenton all right, but it would also harm the very people it was supposed to save even further.