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12:59:00 AM Oct 12th 2017
  • In the anime adaptation of Spice and Wolf, Lawrence's male friend Yarei is changed to the female Chloe, with implications that they've been romantically involved. This can lead to possible Ho Yay for fans who saw the anime before reading the novels or manga.

Quick question: was Lawrence gay in the novel? Because written as it is it looks like Yarei/Chloe was Promoted to Love Interest, rather than anything involving Lawrence's sexuality.
10:41:26 AM Sep 8th 2013
The NBC sitcom Love, Sidney made waves when it was first announced, as it would be the first major television show to feature an openly gay main character. However, the show later faced criticism from the gay community because aside from some very subtle Sub Text, Sidney's sexuality was never mentioned outside of the pilot.

Is the NBC sitcom Love, Sidney an adaptation? If so, this could be clearer. If not, this isn't Adaptational Sexuality, it's Hide Your Gays.
11:43:16 AM Aug 28th 2013
However, some fan fic authors are vexed by the premise that all characters are straight unless proven otherwise in canon, and they genuinely think that slashing them is consistent with the original works.

NOT all characters are straight unless proven otherwise in canon. Don't tell me, "Most people are straight, so most characters are straight as well." Interpretation is up to the viewer, and for that matter, fictional characters often have ambiguous sexualities.
07:43:23 PM Aug 7th 2013
I'm really surprised the dub version Haruka and Michiru weren't mentioned under the Sailor Moon part.
08:55:01 AM Aug 8th 2013
I feel like it's because Dub vs. sub isn't considered an Adaptation. Just guessing.
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