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01:32:38 PM Jul 25th 2014
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Pulled this:
  • Also, in the comics, Thomas Merlyn was the guy we're talking about above. In the show, Tommy Merlyn proves to be a Red Herring for fans who know the comics when his dad is revealed as the villain.

In the comics, Merlyn's real name was Arthur King. Tommy Merlyn was introduced in the New Fifty Two as a Canon Immigrant from Arrow.
11:45:53 AM Sep 8th 2013
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Pulled this from the Iron Patriot entry:

However, in that storyline, Osborn underhandedly acquires the suit which was intended for a more heroic character, so it's possible that Osborn will steal it in a later film.

Because a) the Iron Patriot armour in the comics was created by Norman himself, "cobbled together from StarkTech" as the Marvel Wiki puts it. And b) It's not really possible for Osborn to steal the armor in a later Iron Man film, because he's a Spider-Man character. (I doubt the Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch getout clause would apply to him.)
04:13:00 PM Aug 29th 2013
Is it at all possible to do this in a fanfic without going straight into Draco in Leather Pants territory? Suppose, for instance, both characters were (arguably) A Lighter Shade of Black, and one of them was relatively a Nice Guy before they snapped. The other, however, was pretty much a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, but decidedly a Chaotic Evil by alignment. This all happens in canon. Now, suppose post-series-end, the fanfic gives them a chance to be more heroic. They still have their characters intact, but the setting is completely different, and the circumstances are such that they're a lot less forced to commit evil acts. Does it become this trope done right or something else?
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