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07:23:33 AM Jan 23rd 2013
I know the Hound/Sansa pairing is rather popular but saying that he was "nothing but kind to her" in the TV show is not right. He laughed on her face when Cersei sent him to arrest her in S1 and he refused her gratitude for saving her from a bunch of rapists in S2, saying that he did it just because he likes to kill. Sansa had plenty of reasons to not trust the Hound in the TV show, even if they were not the same reasons as in the book.
10:00:08 AM Jan 20th 2012

  • In the Spider-Man comics, Peter Parker builds webshooters, and puts them on his wrists, allowing him to aim them properly and activate them by using two of his fingers, giving rise to the famous hand motion associated with his webswinging. In the movie version the webshooters are an actual organic power. Why they come out of his wrists (instead of... another place) and why it requires the same finger motion is left unexplained. At the very least, though, it shows Peter having to figure out the motion on his own. One can assume (though this doesn't fix the 'missing explanation' part) that the hand motion flexes/relaxes a specific set of muscles in the wrist, thus allowing the webbing to be released and that, like the web-shooters' design, the exact finger position serves to prevent accidental release of webbing when he makes a fist or grabs something.

The film just changes why Spiderman needs to make that gesture. It doesn't lack explanation entirely.
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