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01:07:14 PM Sep 18th 2014
"Some Actual Pacifists are able to circumvent their restriction via mind games, such as Shaming the Mob."

Am I alone in thinking this line is out of place here? In my view, pacifism is perfectly compatable with Shaming the Mob. You don't do harm by shaming a mob, you 'heal' them of their violent thoughts. The basic tenet of pacifism, if not in real life then certainly in fiction, is that violence is not only bad for the pacifist himself, it is bad for people in general, it will consume them, etc. If you can make a mob see the folly of their ways, you're not doing harm.
06:31:44 PM Jul 11th 2013
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Does Actual Pacifism extend to how a situation is handled verbally? Can a pacifist use Passive-Aggressive Kombat?
06:28:16 PM Dec 26th 2011
Why is the person pictured on the Actual Pacifist page not actually a pacifist?
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