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04:38:51 PM Jun 8th 2010
The key thing that makes this trope what it is, is that it is not simply an Action Girl who is a Love Interest, like Asuka from Evangelion. In fact, being a Love Interest is not even necessary to the trope, just very common. It is more like an Action Girl who is The Herald, a character who gives the hero his Call to Adventure, like Rukia from Bleach. In fact, Rukia was one of the examples I gave when I first put this trope into YKKTW. I named it Action Girlfriend as a comparison to the Magical Girlfriend, whose fateful meeting with the Hero also sets the plot of a story in motion. Asuka does not count since Shinji didn't meet her until after he became an EVA pilot, and Orihime doesn't count since she knew Ichigo before he was a Soul Reaper.

If you're having trouble figuring out if an Action Girl is also an Action Girlfriend, ask yourself this; "If the Action Girl and the Hero never met, would he still be a Hero?" If the answer is "no", then the charater is an Action Girlfriend.
06:05:59 AM Jan 14th 2011
In accordance, removing examples that don't qualify:

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