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12:12:38 PM Dec 18th 2014
Re: Jonathan Swift's moons of Mars: Swift correctly guessed that Mars had two moons, and that (since in reality, they haven't been discovered by then) they were small and close to the planet. He quotes Kepler's third law, but his orbital period and distance do not match the real values. (The moons in Gulliver's Travels had the distances of 3 and 5 Martian diameters and orbital periods of 10 and 21.5 hours; the real values are 1.4 and 3.5 Martian diameters, and 7.6 and 30.3 hours.)
03:56:14 PM Nov 3rd 2014
There were rumours that the creators of the game "LHX Attack Chopper" were under investigation because of accidentally guessing some classified details, either about LHX (Comanche) or Osprey. Does anybody know more?
11:20:15 PM Nov 3rd 2014
Might want to ask in the forums.
08:23:34 AM Dec 22nd 2011
For IRL consideration:

Ted Stevens, the Alaskan Republican Senator in a 2006 speech about data equality on the internet referred to the network as a series of tubes. While my (cursory) research suggests that he did not understand this point, because internet infrastructure is limited by bandwidth, considering global data control as a series of tubes, that is, that particular over used sectors can occasionally "fill up" preventing further access is actually a pretty good metaphor.
07:09:28 AM May 27th 2011
The Trope Repair Shop thread includes the idea that this could become a trope about a character making something up that turns out to be true.

A possible example is from the more recent Battlestar Galactica: Dr. Baltar is asked to identify which area of a cylon base should be targeted for a strike, because they've only got one shot. He points out a structure to hit, and he's right. The mission is a success. He later admits to another character that it was a wild guess.
12:13:27 PM Nov 16th 2011
That would be an in-universe example of this trope, yes.
10:41:33 PM Nov 20th 2010
Is this an inversion? I thought the inversion of Did Not Do The Research was Shown Their Work.
04:37:28 PM Apr 1st 2011
Accidentally Accurate could be an inversion of Dan Browned, but isn't an inversion of either of those two.
07:17:33 AM May 27th 2011
It would only be an inversion of Dan Browned if the author makes a point of saying "This is all shit I made up, and should in no way be taken as factually accurate" and then it is found to be true anyway.
09:05:43 PM Nov 20th 2010
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