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04:49:40 PM Jul 6th 2011
If anyone thinks of it, there's a DMFA strip where Jy thinks this has happened. See if you can find it.
05:13:32 AM Mar 25th 2011
Something of the sort happened in a D&D game that This Troper heard about. Two party members, a witch and a paladin (who detested each other), were serving as maid of honour and best man to a society couple whose wedding was being conducted by a well-meaning but deaf and befuddled old bishop. Also the intended "happy couple" had quarrelled and were not speaking to each other. The witch had the ring on her finger for safe keeping, it got stuck, and while the bishop was droning through the vows a furious argument ensued in stage whispers.

Bishop: <drone drone> ...lawful wedded wife? Witch: *Will you get this thing off my finger?* Paladin: *Well, if you stop wriggling, * I WILL! Bishop: <drone drone> ...lawful wedded husband? Paladin: *Stupid woman, you never help!* Witch: I BLOODY DO! Bishop: (blinks) I now pronounce you man and wife. Pal/Wit (in unison): OH NO!

They then had several adventures in which they tried desperately to get the marriage annulled. :D