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11:06:43 AM Apr 1st 2015
Wait, does this have to be female after male? Is there anything that suggests this has to be gender specific? Anything at all?
11:13:24 AM Apr 1st 2015
Not necessarily, but as the description states, male stalkers tend to be much harder to play for laughs.
12:21:19 AM Apr 11th 2015
Oh, okay.
06:58:50 AM Jan 4th 2013
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11:33:05 AM Feb 29th 2012
Does it still count as this trope if the admirer in question isn't physically abhorrent, but the hero is simply a Celibate Hero who just doesn't like being glomped by a rabid fangirl of his?
12:08:34 AM Apr 22nd 2012
More generally, what if the admirer is anything but ugly, but the object of her admiration finds her repellent for other reasons? As the trope is defined now, that would not qualify as a straightforward example, but might be a subversion, or some other form of playing with the trope.
11:45:12 PM Jul 1st 2011

  • Peanuts has Sally and Linus, and Lucy and Schroeder.

Because Sally and Lucy are never presented as "abhorrent." In fact, Linus and Schroeder willingly spend time with them frequently.
06:47:45 PM Jun 18th 2010
Picking up from the last discussion — the description on this page seems overly venomous, to the point where I'm not even sure it's talking about the same trope anymore. (Apart from that, it's long.)
04:43:14 PM Aug 14th 2010
So very long...
01:38:54 PM Aug 22nd 2010
I agree that it's waaay too long. I also agree that it's extremely vitriolic and anvilicious, and only gets more so the longer the description goes on. Case in point is the example of the guy in the bar who meets a transgender person and is repulsed by this fact; it's a controversial issue (obviously) and there are plenty of people who either agree or disagree with homosexuality/transgenders. But laid-back, fun-loving, jokes-a-plenty TV-tropes shouldn't be the place to find this sort of angry ranting (from either side). For me, at least, TV-tropes is a great place to relax while learning stuff about stories, and reading this description was particularly jarring.

I'd fix it, but I unfortunately wouldn't know how, and I don't want to inadvertently make it worse. And as Caswin said, if it's not even the same trope anymore, then anybody who reads it now won't know what the real trope is either.
02:27:54 PM Sep 7th 2010
I'm going to take a shot at it, if it's not too presumptuous of me. This one annoys me just a wee bit too much.

Plans: - Trim the sexism charges to an observation that the male version tends to resemble Stalker With a Crush more often than not, and that the threshold of unacceptability often seems to be unjust as applied; - Trim down VERY much the observations about transsexuals and their woes; - General clean-up.
02:48:41 PM Sep 7th 2010
There, I think it's a little better now—or at least, it doesn't read like someone is lashing out from injured feelings anymore.
11:41:55 PM Mar 4th 2011
Should still be improved. The whole gender thing... for starters it has been done in animation pretty early with the popular Pepe Le Pew, Big Bad Wolf and perhaps others, so to say the male version is new isn't exactly true. I think because this trope is meant to invoke humor and because there's the potential for rape, that this trope has a Sliding Scale Of Funny Versus Drama. So one has to either lower the amount of danger to something trivial (in terms of the admirer's intentions or physical strength) or divert the attention. This shouldn't be particularly be related to just gender. For example Lena Hyena chasing a scared Arnold Schwarzenegger has more potential for being funny than A big fat overweight viking woman trying to jump on Stephen Hawking. You know that the latter has far more potential of someone getting scarred for life.

11:31:37 AM Feb 29th 2012
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