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07:34:15 PM Dec 20th 2010
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standard for explaining the name of a trope in the trope's main article?? Fun Wiki. Something disappointing about it though: there doesn't seem to a standard for doing this, or a convention to do it at all, but there should be. If the name is something like a quotation from some work, then a link to the page for that work could possibly be enough, though anyway one sentence would often be enough.

I'm posting this comment here, probably not the ideal place for it, because the quotation that opens this article particularly confuses the reader regarding this issue. That is, opening with this Sherlock Holmes quotation perhaps suggests that it is the prototype example or from whence the name came (even though it doesn't use the exact phrase), but it isn't stated — and presumably the *actual* source for the name is The Terminator (Cameron J, 1984) since it is an exact quotation from that film.
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