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06:44:42 PM Apr 29th 2017
can we use the garfield lettuce example as the page image
02:03:43 AM Apr 30th 2017
You should suggest it in the Image Pickin' forum
01:06:56 AM Apr 26th 2014
"(Somebody once submitted the entire text of Dracula under their own name. Amazon let it through.)"

Was it Pierre Menard?
02:19:07 PM May 12th 2011
So, it somehow escaped me that editing is to be discussed first. My bad.

It was originally

Waldorf: This show is well-written, informative and has witty humor.
Statler: Do you really mean that?
Waldorf: No, but that was something no one has ever said before!
Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh!

I changed "this show" to The Muppet Show, which I assume it was is being referenced, because "this show" is vague and not really contibutive to the overall joke. Discuss whether or not to change, yes?
03:33:49 PM May 12th 2011
Posting this as a general response everywhere this comes up:

Here's the deal: "this show" is used because vagueness is the whole point. More specific references could lead to problems due to the Take That! nature of these jokes, and these stingers have already stirred up enough controversy as is.

If you don't think the joke is funny because it's unspecific, that's fine. But the joke being unfunny to one person is not grounds for removal. If you have a better idea (and hopefully far better than "this meme" or "The Muppet Show", because that makes the stingers even more pointless), suggest it.
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