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04:56:45 AM Jun 19th 2013
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The Messiah was renamed to All-Loving Hero per TRS
05:08:16 AM Jun 19th 2013
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I think you mean All-Loving Hero... Messianic Archetype is a Jesus-like figure. I think it was a split, or something not entirely unlike a split.
07:20:57 AM Jun 19th 2013
Yeah, I mixed these damned trope names up. Fixd it.
05:06:54 AM Aug 1st 2012
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I deleted this because I don't think Harry really qualifies for this. As I understand it, the idea of the messiah is that they're, essentially, incapable of hatred or violence. Harry's willing to torture and kill for his cause, and a large part of his motive is vengeance, so I don't think he's an example. Dark Messiah, maybe.
01:10:39 PM Sep 30th 2011
  • The titular heroes in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure are destined to form a band whose music forms the basis for a future utopia. The villain's attempts to prevent this result in the events in the film.
The Nakama is in utter shambles after Taichi gets sucked back into the real world,

Wheeler is not particularly nice or forgiving. The same thing to Taichi or Bill and Ted
03:33:39 AM May 1st 2011
I wonder if we need Real Life examples?! Complete Monster doesn't have Real Life examples. What's the difference with The Messiah??
11:45:44 PM Aug 18th 2014
Antoinette Tuff, Malala Yousafzai, and Mr. Rogers would all be good examples.
02:50:38 AM Oct 26th 2010
Is The Messiah allowed to dislike some few people?
09:07:34 AM Aug 2nd 2010
I've added a little note to the top cautioning the occasional editors who add examples of Messianic Archetype - good idea? Bad idea? Good thought but too bold?
01:07:14 PM Apr 3rd 2010
No, Sailor Moon is not a good example, see Just a Face and a Caption for details. In short, a picture of a person is only acceptable if the trope is intrinsically associated with that person (aka, for this article, Jesus or Menachem Shnearson, depending on whom you ask) or if the trope is about face or body image. Since Sailor Moon is an example, and not a Trope Maker or Trope Namer or even all that well known, she doesn't fit as an image. No idea about formatting tho'.
09:06:12 AM Aug 2nd 2010
While I'd say Jesus is an example, he wouldn't be a good picture because it would further the confusion with Messianic Archetype.
01:02:17 PM Apr 3rd 2010
Oh my goodness, is Sailor Moon, REALLY a good example to the poster definition?! How exactly do you put in the pictures?
01:02:03 PM Apr 3rd 2010
Oh my goodness, is Sailor Moon, REALLY a good example to the poster definition?! How exactly do you put in the pictures?
01:20:36 AM Mar 20th 2010
as a point of addition to the section of Warcraft Characters who fall under this trope - King Varyan Wrynn of Stronmwind is possibly the best example of a Messiah in the game/Lore. better even then Jayn proudmore. which is saying something.

Most people look At Varyan and comment how the man needs to look Past the past. give peace a Chance. what they fail to realise, is that he had been the strongest Advocate for peace with the Orcs and co-existance since his youth.

Lets begin Listing bad things the Orcs did to Varyan in his youth. they burned his kingdom, had his father murdered before his very eyes. and drove him from his home. later when the alliance was tryign to retake Azeroth, his Father figure, Anduin Wrynn, the man whom his father considered his closest friend, who raised Varyian in his fathers abscence, was murdered while attempting to negotiate a peace.

fast forward. the orcs are defeated. the alliance leaders almost to a one Propose to exterminate the Orcs. Varyan? he pleads for them to be spared. When the man who has lost everything to your hated enemies is pleading the case for mercy... well... you kinda have to take a step back and re-evaluate the situation. end result. orcs are put into internment camps.

Fast forward another couple of decades. Wrynn is now put into the position of aknowledging a new orcish Nation. which he is willing to do. ON his way to peace talks to attempt to cement the peace that has been forming after the defeat of the burning legion, Wrynn is kidnaped. He winds up shipwrecked, looses his memory and is enslaved by orcs. he is branded an alliance deserter by Regdar Earthfury and made to fight in the orcish arena circuit. finaly he regains his freedom. You'd think most people by this point would have given up on peace with the Horde. Wrynn? Not a chance. Jayna and Varyan set up another Peace summit. who does Thrall bring to this summit? Regdar Earthfury. who else attends the summit? Garona Halforcen. the very same orc who murdered his father in front of him. does it get worse? yes. garona attempts to assasinate Wrynn at the summit. never mind that she is under mind control at the time. does Wrynn give up after this? does he give up when most sane peopel would? nope. Does he attempt for another peace talk? not exactly. he decides to let things simmer down for a bit and decides to focus on the Bigger enemy. the Lich King.

now, while the following is not exactly Thralls doing. it is his fault in that he did not prevent it. the point that finaly broke Wrynn of his Messiah Trope? the Battle of the Wrathgate. the Forsaken rebel at the climax of the battle. costing Varyan Wrynn the Life of his Best friend, a man who was like a brother to him the Majority of his lifetime. the very same man who stood in for Wrynn during his imprisonment within the Horde gladitorial circuit, and not only helped raise his Son, but also kept his Realm together.

I don't know about you. but i would have broken a bit before he did and my friends regard me as a Messiah with a Martyr complex

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