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08:34:04 AM Mar 16th 2012
I don't know if it's quite Complete Monster, but Minchin in the second movie seemed to cross the MEH for me when she looked Sara's rather not dead father in the face, paused and then said, "No, this child has no father" to the coppers. I mean, What the hell, Minchin? I know it's a long shot for her to believe that he's not dead, but she knows what he looks like, she sees him, and pauses and just lies. Anyone agree with me? I don't want to put it in the YMMV unless someone else agrees.
04:45:12 AM Aug 11th 2010

—as that's not a necessary change due to the difference in mediums.
08:41:01 AM May 18th 2010
I forget, who was the character that, at the end of the movie, scolds Minchin for accusing Sara of theft, and says "Maybe little birds brought them!" when she demands to know how else Sara got the furniture?
09:56:02 AM Nov 3rd 2011
That was Miss Minchin's brother.
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