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07:01:20 AM Aug 10th 2012
edited by manhandled

aaargh! Just looking at the SUPPOSED reason for aka 47 just makes me feel like someone should('ve) interrogated the developers over why! Or even developers admitting why they did.

P.S yes, tropes are messing me up.
08:49:26 AM Jul 11th 2012
edited by Jake
Does anyone have any idea whether internal military designations (M16A4, L85A2 and so on) can actually be trademarked?
10:56:24 AM Jun 19th 2012
Should this including examples that replace with a generic name such as shotgun or SMG because lots of people are linking to this page for this.
04:53:37 AM Sep 17th 2014
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Seconded. Seems pointless to include them to me, especially with such a pissy tone (how exactly is it inaccurate, misleading, or in any way negative to refer to a SPAS-12 as a "shotgun"?)

If they're actually making up names for them, then it's a reasonable subtrope of Bland-Name Product. Otherwise, it's not really anything (except, of course, a chance for gun nerds to show off that they recognise what model that particular shotgun was based on).
04:31:56 AM Apr 18th 2012
Of course, the topic top quote and the 'geek' got it wrong, anyway.

Steyr TMP was the original designation of what was rebranded and refined to become Brugger & Thomét MP 9 after Steyr sold the patents, molds and the kaboodle to the Swiss.
11:30:55 AM Mar 30th 2010
Why does AK 47 redirect here? AK 47 is the name of a real gun. This trope is about fake guns. Does not compute.
04:13:31 AM Apr 5th 2010
edited by SomeSortOfTroper
Yeah, let me test something:

AK 47

Yeah, see that? Anytime you want to just write AK 47 it will blue link which means we're getting wicks in places where the context don't make so much sense e.g. Orville from Jackie Brown actually talking about AK-47's.
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