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04:16:50 AM Dec 17th 2013
The lead-in mentions "three methods an AI uses to perform moves and functions"—I was wondering what the other two are?
09:59:56 AM Apr 11th 2010
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A few of the games listed as having "AI Roulette" are misleading. City of Heroes, for example, does not use AI Roulette in the classic sense. AI Roulette means (at least to this poster) the AI is truly random, as it is in certain Final Fantasy games, for example. City of Heroes enemies are far from intelligent, but not completely random. The examples given are also incorrect in their assumptions (e.g. that Sleeping something in a poison patch is not wise; in fact, Sleep powers "detoggle" certain damage auras and Mind Controller players with the same power often use it in the same exact way.)