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02:58:08 PM Dec 26th 2013
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Can this happen to say, an Extraverted Nerd on Badass? Not a Miles Gloriosus, more like the Dork Knight who tries (and fails) to hide the "dork" part, usually by trying too hard.
05:33:23 AM Dec 4th 2013
Does anyone else think the example photo should be updated? Milo Thatch isn't very adorkable. Surely there are better examples.
04:18:59 PM Dec 28th 2014
How about Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6?
06:42:20 AM Feb 6th 2016
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10:29:39 PM Jun 16th 2013
Regarding the removal of the Real Life examples:

I don't think that the section was only being used to list tropers' celeb crushes. I was about to add in an Arthur Darvill example before I found out it was cut, and I am a straight male. Honestly, did we really need to remove that?
02:27:40 PM Sep 19th 2012
I don't know about the current pic. I think the right kind of pic with Charlie Chaplin smiling would provide a much better example.
10:08:03 AM Feb 7th 2012
Does Spider Man belong on the example comics section? Sure he's a dork in his teenage years, but according to this article being adorkable means that "rather than making them an outcast, these quirks give the character an endearing vulnerability."

And Peter Parker was an outcast with no friends and was tormented by Flash and the other high school jocks....
05:47:29 PM Feb 14th 2012
I think what matters is that he was endearing to the readers, not his tormentors. And Betty Brant sure thought he was adorkable.
06:34:58 PM May 6th 2011
You know what makes this article really surreal? Knowing that "dork" means "dildo" or "penis". Now, re-read the article's main body and see if it doesn't come off as weird.
07:36:15 AM Aug 6th 2011
So I'm at the mall yesterday and see a guy wearing a t-shirt that says, "Don't say no to dork." And all I can think is, "You're wearing a shirt that says you won't say no to cock. You've come out of the closet and you don't even know it."

Now that's adorkable.
09:36:38 PM Nov 17th 2010
Is this trope only supposed to be about cases where somebody in-universe finds the character's dorkishness adorable? Because if not, it desperately needs a "Subjective" banner at the top.

10:58:49 AM Mar 2nd 2011
05:09:00 PM Nov 17th 2010
Be careful not to accidentally delete anything!
07:47:02 PM Aug 17th 2010
edited by Katsuhagi
I put Rufus Wainwright back in after Fast Eddie zapped some natter under that entry. Seriously, I've seen the guy perform live and he is very adorkable, and even more so in photos and videos of him as a teenager. Sure, his music is polished, but live is a different story.
07:44:58 AM Jul 7th 2010
I know I should probably know this already, but who's the man on the right side of this article's picture?
09:19:34 AM Jul 9th 2010
Matt Smith. The Eleventh Doctor from "Doctor Who". The Eleventh Doctor is absolutely Adorkable, and so is his actor.
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