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05:14:07 AM Oct 14th 2011
edited by Drolyt
Is it worth noting that some of the degrees commonly used for this trope can actually be highly lucrative, such as Mathematics or Physics, both of which are seen as esoteric but actually ensure great job opportunities? In fact Underwater Basket Weaving might even fall under that category, apparently some crafts experts make a lot of money selling those kinds of items, although there probably isn't room for too many people to break into that business.
05:34:28 PM Oct 4th 2012
The problem with art schools (or their graduates, to be more precise) is that they usually teach a particular art or craft that must be then practiced. Since the times immemorial, artists were predominantly self-employed people who had to find their customers on their own. School art graduates who actually have some real skills and are good entrepreneurs usually earn a decent penny. Those who went there to get an easy degree, well, not so much.
03:46:49 AM May 7th 2011
This troper's mother (and her mother before her) referred to this exact trope as a "Degree in Nosepick." Any backing out there for a title change? Or at least an alternate title?
01:44:34 PM Apr 14th 2011
"A Degree Is Useless" has no Troper Tales page...
10:27:02 AM May 17th 2011
All you have to do is create to URL for it and start the page.
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