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02:07:24 AM Apr 16th 2011
I'm just going to ask the obvious, why is it such a bad thing that Alex goes through the Ludicolo technique? If anything, I thought he deserved worse becuase of all the horrible things he did.
09:28:56 PM Mar 22nd 2011
edited by spaceawesome22
I'm leery about the observation that the book was a result of Creator Breakdown vis a vis the rape of Burgess' wife, seeing as the incident in question (1.) occurred during WWII, over a decade before Burgess wrote the story, and (2.) wasn't a rape. (It was actually a mugging/assault; this error also appears in the "Author Avatar" tag.)

Can anyone confirm/refute this before I make the necessary edits?
06:28:40 PM Jul 24th 2010
Does Alex meets the qualifications of a Complete Monster? If he does, why isn't he labeled as such?
07:46:51 PM Nov 7th 2010
Or why was he erased?
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