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12:39:54 PM Jun 20th 2013
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This has seriously turned into "any series with sidekick or deuteragonist," which borders on People Sit on Chairs. Even the page quote doesn't fit the trope description (which specifies a Bildungsroman where the entry of something into the protagonist's life triggers growth and development to maturity).
02:14:31 AM Nov 21st 2014
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yes and I think its because there is an important aspect in almost all examples that is missing in the description:

The X is usually extremely powerful.

Also the X is often externally tied to the character (living in his pokeball, toothless cant fly without the boy, he is the terminators mission).

Also its often a love cripple in that it can pretty much only love others, has no bad feelings or is subject to a trope like Because You Were Nice to Me

I think these aspects are critical to the concept of most of the examples and what makes them work emotionally.

edit: I have since realized, that what I described there is probably more of a subtrope. What this article needs then is more actual subtropes and references to them.
07:44:42 AM Nov 21st 2014

I pulled a ZCE from Owl City saying he's "A Boy And His Synthesizer" which... doesn't sound right.
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