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11:44:10 PM Dec 6th 2012
"In the Young Justice episode "Image", a young boy named Garfield Logan is caught in an explosion and is badly injured. Dying from his injuries, he needed a transfusion of type O blood to live, of which the isolated farm's supplies were just destroyed. Nobody on site has type O blood, except Miss Martian, who can shapeshift her body to the cellular level. The transfusion will later give the character shapeshifting powers and he reappears in season 2 as Beast Boy."

...that makes just a little more (whacky) sense then the green monkey/untested serum bit. An infinitesimal bit of more sense.
06:49:24 PM May 26th 2010
"By the way, how many of us actually know their blood types right off the top of their head?"

Me, A+. Have known it since forever. So do most people I know too. What's so surprising about it?
08:40:38 PM Jun 14th 2010
Same I wonder, mine is O+ which limits my options to O but fortunately for me O+ is in the majority.
03:30:34 PM Jun 29th 2010
edited by Wynne
I am blood type A+ too; I only recently learned it but it's not difficult. You just ask when they give you a blood test. Readily available information, but that's only if you deliberately make a note of it somehow.
07:57:07 PM Jul 2nd 2010
A- here

It's a running joke in the family, which is probably how I remember it. It's also the grade I get most often in school.
01:13:03 PM Aug 19th 2010
I'm pretty sure I have O+, which limits me to O- and other O+ blood.
06:19:28 PM Jul 6th 2012
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I'm AB+. I know this because I had to be put on formula due to my mother being O+. I was allergic to my mother's milk. (Marie's saying in Everybody Loves Raymond is true: I've never really had a [[Fetish:thing]] for breasts.
11:41:26 PM Dec 6th 2012
O- for me, my kids are B+ and O+. Shots to prevent Rhesus reactions are not fun.
01:57:32 PM Jan 30th 2013
B- for me. I consider it a running joke as well, calling it my motto in life as well as my blood type.
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