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10:06:35 PM Apr 28th 2015
Not sure if this should be mentioned in the article. It's probably mentioned on the main article for Rooster Teeth, at least.
12:04:26 PM Jan 9th 2015
09:33:49 AM Jan 5th 2015
Considering that the Civil War is no longer the focus of the sequence, but rather the battles on Chorus, should we rename the saga that Seasons 11 and 12 are a part of "The Chorus Saga", or even "The Chorus Trilogy"? Civil War seems a bit restrictive and inaccurate all things considered.
01:41:00 PM Dec 21st 2014
So are the Reds, Blues and Freelancers Spartans? Is that armour they're wearing really Mjolnir armour?

The freelancers seem to be capable of some pretty superhuman feats in the armour but don't appear to exceed normal humans in any way when not wearing it. They also have very variable height and none of them seem to be any taller than would be the norm for any other human. Spartans are supposed to be unusually tall.

Also their armour's ability to protect them seems very variable. They get badly hurt by hits that the Master Chief's armour would shrug off. Then again, the Reds and Blues all survive crap at various points that should kill a normal person ten times over. Does it have any energy shielding?

When CT goes AWOL the Director really wants her armour back, and comments that it's a rare and expensive commodity. In Halo cannon the Mjoinir armour costs about as much as a small warship so that seems to fit with it being the same stuff. Also when the others comment on Caboose's love of the old style helmet they call it the Mark V and the ones they're sporting the Mark VI. The armour in Halo CE was Mark V and the updated version in 2 onwards was Mark VI, so again this suggests that it's Spartan armour.

But none of the guys seem to be spartans!

Maybe the director's using something that just looks like Mjolnir armour, and has some of its capabilities, but doesn't really measure up to real Spartan armour? Or maybe he's found a way to make the Spartan armour usable by normal humans. Maybe the Reds, Blues and Freelancers have some sort of enhancements that let them use the armour but aren't full Spartans?

Any thoughts?
07:40:53 PM Dec 21st 2014
No. They're not.

Best way to think about it is a... sister program to the SPARTANS. Like the Director said, during the Great War, everyone was looking for a magic bullet to beat the aliens. Freelancer's magic bullet was using armor enhancements, AI, and training to create a watered-down SPARTAN to mass-produce (which is not too dissimilar to the SPARTAN-II Is). Their armor looks like Mjolnir, but it's not (for one, it doesn't have shields).
01:39:17 AM Dec 24th 2014
North's suit has shields. We see the massive advantage Theta can give him by manipulating the shield to allow him to do stuff like only power the shield where it's needed and to turn it off at the moment his bullets reach it so he can shoot through the shield. Okay, I know out of universe it's a Halo bubble shield item, but in universe implies it's part of his suit's equipment.

It also doesn't explain how the Freelancers seem capable of such superhuman feats, and the Reds and Blues still manage to behave like a Damage Sponge even if they're pretty useless as actual soldiers.
12:56:55 PM Jan 9th 2015
That's, uh, a very different kind of shield.
04:18:16 AM Oct 22nd 2014
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My mistake, I missed the WMG page. Relocating
12:24:22 PM Aug 16th 2014
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Should Seasons 11 and 12 be given their own page now? I think the time has come, but I want approval before I do this.

Edit: The name for this arc is The Chorus Civil War.
03:41:10 PM Aug 16th 2014
Hello? Anyone? If no one posts by tomorrow, I will automatically give Seasons 11 and 12 their own page.
04:28:05 AM Aug 17th 2014
Go ahead.
04:37:53 AM Aug 17th 2014
Giving my nod of support as well.
02:40:50 PM Jul 25th 2014
I think Control is the Big Bad of seasons 11 and 12. Locus and Felix are marked as a Big Bad Duumvirate, but personally I think they fit more as Co-Dragons to Control.
10:29:02 AM May 16th 2014
Guys, we need to decide if Red vs Blue is a Web Original, a Web Animation, or something else entirely because it's getting really annoying trying to add an entry into Web Original, only to find it's in Web Animation and vice versa.
06:37:35 PM Sep 23rd 2013
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I actually didn't think Wash's "I am going to break you, Private Tucker." line was Tranquil Fury. I thought it was more of just being frank...or something. I dunno, there didn't seem to be any fury behind it, just annoyance or maybe irritation at the most.
05:19:03 PM Sep 11th 2013
Am I the only one who feels that we've accumulated way too many Wham Episodes for Season 11?

A Wham Episode is specifically one that throws a dramatic shift into a work that changes everything, but it seems that every time anything new happens or is revealed it is labelled as a Wham Episode.

The team getting sent back in time, or the first time they make contact with an alien or Church learning that he's an AI is all game-changing stuff and deserve the Wham Episode title but something like finding a slightly bigger robot to fight Freckles seems much less substantial.
06:48:21 PM Oct 7th 2013
Guys, any word?

Three consecutive Wham episodes is just too much.
09:55:09 PM Oct 7th 2013
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Okay, yet another example of Wham has been added, without regard for my points raised. I would really, really like to avoid an edit war over this.

At the very most, such a low-key, plot-lite season should around two Wham episodes. Not five.

Unless somebody makes a case for these examples, I will assume that nobody will contest me trimming the section down to examples that are truly notable and earth-shattering enough to be a true Wham Episode, instead of just a "New things have happened" episode.
02:25:43 PM Oct 9th 2013
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In light of zero input from anyone else for an entire month, I've taken it upon myself to clear up the least deserving Wham Episodes. If anyone wishes to contest my course of action, I will happily discuss and compromise. Please don't just edit war.
01:52:48 AM Oct 21st 2013
Okay somebody has added another example to the Wham Episode area without regard for this discussion. It's arguably an example, but I'd like a bit more discussion before we start adding material back to that section.

Is it too much for someone to enter this discussion? I feel like I'm just making a nuisance of myself at this point.
12:13:39 AM Nov 6th 2013
I think each one is completely valid in its own right. Like, they're all different kinds of wham- it's not just saying WHAM!Locus kills a guy-WHAM!Locus killed two more guys-WHAM!Locus's troops start killing guys; it's all different stuff happening, like Caboose's promotion, Dos.0's rampage, both unknown soldiers revealing themselves, etc.
10:14:46 AM Nov 7th 2013
I just feel that a trope that is meant for "Shocking revelations that change the course of a series" was getting a fair bit too much use for a single season.

We have had some episodes that were legitimately WHAM, but we were a little bit anxious to label things that could just be "oh, that's new" with WHAM.
08:29:43 PM Mar 31st 2013
Would somebody cross-wick these, pretty please? I'm not familiar with this work, and cross-wick example that are sorted by seasons (as opposed to the alphabet) is impossible to do.

  • Translation By Volume from Red vs. Blue:
    • Played for Laughs, Played Straight and Played With frequently because Lopez, the Red Team robot, can only speak Spanish.
    • The Red Team, who never understand him, try to communicate with him this way. It is subverted, however, in that Lopez can understand English perfectly. His body is simply incapable of speaking it.
    • Played straight when Church possesses Lopez, and finds he can only speak Spanish. He speaks slowly, still in Spanish, to try and warn the Reds of Tex coming to attack them in a tank. They, of course, can't understand him anyway.
    • Subverted in Season 9. Lopez impersonates Simmons by painting his armor maroon, but can still only speak Spanish. However, by speaking slowly, Sarge and Grif are somehow able to understand his Spanish, leaving them clueless to the switch.
    • Tucker is speaking loudly and slowly while the alien stands nearby, when Church approaches and says that he doesn't think that using this technique will allow the alien to understand him. Immediately subverted, as it is revealed that Tucker was speaking to Caboose. Caboose still doesn't understand.
    • Used by Sarge and lampshaded by Grif. It earned Sarge very much deserved snark:
      Sarge: ''Lopez. How. Do. We. Fix. Your. Speech. U. Nit.
01:02:44 PM Nov 16th 2012
So... is Red vs. Blue finished? As in over, series finale, all of that? Because the article doesn't seem to mention whether or not it's finished.
08:57:52 AM Nov 18th 2012
Nope, Rooster Teeth confirmed it is not finished. See their 191 podcast on their channel for info. They'll come back with new seasons until THEY are tired of it, and they're having fun.

Plus, it looks like the added stuff of Halo 4 will give them stuff to work with, in addition to maybe putting more into the insurrectionists and that Monitor unit.
05:19:08 PM Nov 21st 2012
08:22:55 AM Nov 6th 2012
I'd put this in a different comment, but the pieces for it are not related to other topics.

As of the things we learned about how Gamma operates (and, in Season 10, the direct distinction between FILSS and Shiela, who seem to have completely different personalities regardless), should we make a separate FILSS section on one of the pages? If so, would it be under Project Freelancer or Artificial Intelligences?
08:40:11 AM Nov 6th 2012
Sure. It should be under Freelancer, since Rv B tries to make a solid distinction between AIs and computer programs like FILSS.
05:35:44 PM Oct 30th 2012
edited by Gregzilla
Minor question, guys. What trope do you guys think fits for Freelancer Equipment pieces in general? I would think there would be a general name for it. Applied Phlebotinum, maybe?

I could be wrong, and there could just not be a name for it, but it seems probable.

EDIT: I'm putting these together for convenience of whoever will answer.

Aside from the above, do you guys think that we should split up the Church section in the Blue Team character tropes between an Alpha and an Epsilon section, but with a Spoilers tag at the top of his folder and a note of Walking Spoiler in a "both" section at the top? Kind of like the Freelancer and Insurrection sections, but for a single person. I only say this because Epsilon and Alpha seem different enough and undergo different enough character arcs for them to maybe be distinguishable in the character page. However, if necessary, we can keep Epsilon and Alpha's names spoiler tagged in the process.

Again, as with above, what do you guys think?
08:05:12 AM Nov 6th 2012
Sure, that works for the Freelancer Equipment, especially since 2 AIs gets counted towards Phlebotinum Overdose when part of their value is they allow the use of Equipment. For that matter, is Socketed Equipment on the main page? Since that's basically what the armor is, with sockets for the AI and equipment.

As for splitting Church... I'm torn. On one hand, yes, they both have their own distinct character arcs and there really should be some way to distinguish them. On the other hand, most of the personality tropes DO fit them both, though often not to the same extent. Moreover, they do pretty much share the same memories and the cast mostly treats them as though they're the same being. I lean towards no mostly for that last reason.

... I just realized we could probably fill a page with nothing but Churches. Alpha, Epsilon, Director, Yellow Church...
08:14:15 AM Nov 6th 2012
No, it is not. You could probably put it in, crossed with Applied Phlebotinum.

Well, for what I meant, it would be something like this:

FOLDER: Church *Major Spoilers*

- Church In General (tropes that apply to both of them, with a note on it that the ones below it give major spoilers for Seasons 6-10)

— Alpha (in spoiler tags, with the tropes just for him)

— Epsilon (in spoiler tags, with the tropes just for him)

Also, due to what people think of Yellow Church (that he didn't actually exist), I'm not even sure if that would be necessary, though that is pretty interesting.

Any further thoughts on that?
08:18:49 AM Nov 6th 2012
edited by Larkmarn
Ah, I see. Sorry about that. I think it's a great idea. The "Church page" thing was just a joke mostly, but it's weird how many Churches there are.

Incidentally, I'm very much in the "there's no Yellow Church" camp, but that's neither here nor there.
08:20:51 AM Nov 6th 2012
Oh, I know it was a joke. I'll see about setting it up, then. Thanks for the input.
12:26:56 PM Oct 26th 2012
I was curious, do you guys think that we should split up The Blood Gulch Chronicles into seasons? I know, it might be a big effort, but every Mini Series and the five seasons after it have it. It could also help to clean up the page and sift out things that belong in other pages like The Recollection or the main "Series Wide" ones.

I can make folders for the five seasons, if that is the case (and putting Out Of Mind between 4 and 5, as it is).
01:31:58 PM Oct 26th 2012
edited by ArkadyDarell
That I don't see a problem with. I admit I was just too lazy to do it at the time. X3 Though we might still need a general folder for stuff that happens across seasons but not so much in later seasons.
04:08:54 PM Oct 26th 2012
And it's set up. I'll try to get to work on sorting things out later, but it's ready for people to sift through. (Though it might be best to just use the Wiki summaries and transcripts, since those are probably shorter to deal with in time span.)
06:22:35 PM Oct 26th 2012
Also, I made the Funny, Awesome, Nightmare Fuel, Heartwarming, and Tear Jerker pages for The Recollection and The Blood Gulch Chronicles redirect to the central pages for those. That okay? It just seems awkward to have to go to another page to get to it.
07:41:33 PM Oct 26th 2012
I'd debated whether or not to split those too and decided it'd probably be more trouble than its worth. Guess it depends on how anyone else feels about it.
06:56:43 PM Oct 25th 2012
edited by Gregzilla
According to both the boxes of Season 9 and 10, that grouping seems to be called the "Project Freelancer Saga". I'll put the names down below here.

The middle of this:

The bottom of this:

Also, the Red vs. Blue wiki even lists it as such:

So far, Seasons 9 and 10, though they basically go over mostly the same stuff (the history and downfall of Project Freelancer), are listed as seasons that are completely separate from everything else. Should we make a new page and put them there as two seasons, also adding in the two associated Mini Series ("MIA" and "Where There's a Will, There's a Wall")?

The "many seasons" tropes could probably still stay, but it's just my opinion that we should probably make a new page for those. What do you guys think?
07:10:37 PM Oct 25th 2012
I admit I'd rather wait until there's an official release and see what's included on it. I originally split the page because it was nearing the magic 400K mark, and it's not going to grow back to that size that soon, so IMHO there's no rush.
07:25:22 PM Oct 25th 2012
Okay, once we get an official listing and stuff. Only two weeks to the end of the season, so yeah.

Just putting the option out there.
11:42:37 PM Oct 22nd 2012
I get that there are a lot of stunning moments in Season 10, but of the twenty current episodes of Season 10, ten of them are listed as Wham Episodes. Is that really necessary?
04:03:24 AM Oct 23rd 2012
Well, there sure is a lot of cliffhangers and Wham Line... But I get your point. I guess we should re-watch some episodes and see if they really are Wham ones (as I see it, Sigma's appearance in episode 6 isn't "whamy", same could be said for the epi 7 example; needless to say, the 10th episode example should stay).
06:18:11 AM Oct 23rd 2012
Oh good god, agreed so much. 6 and 7 shouldn't be counted, at all. 10 definitely counts, with the (chronologically) first on-screen death of a Freelancer, the insurrection thing, etc.

13... I don't think needs to be counted. It's a lot less "whammy" when it's building to a foregone conclusion. 15 is iffy for the same reasons, but it does show what went wrong with the AIs and shows us that Donut is alive and well. I'm sort of okay with 16 mostly for revealing what was in the Sarcophagus, but that honestly doesn't have much far-reaching consequences, other than a Continuity Nod.

17 is about as whammy as you can get. 18... I dunno, the crew leaving Church is pretty big, I suppose, but not exactly wham. 19 should count, obviously. 20... we'll see where the story takes it. For all we know the Tex bodies won't do a thing.

In summation: Wham: 10, 15, 17, and 19 Not: 6, 7, 13, 16, and 20 (until we see otherwise).
06:33:39 AM Oct 23rd 2012
While we're at it, Theta's "I have a sister" isn't really a Wham Line. Especially in-universe, where it got completely ignored. Out-of-universe... it's not really Whammy since we kind of already know about Tex.
07:53:49 AM Oct 2nd 2012
Anyone think Shannon McCormick deserves sort of a collective CMOA for his VA in this series? Washington goes through quite a lot of takes on his personality over the seasons, and Shannon handles them all superbly.

Compare, say, one of the scenes at the end of Reconstruction (especially the one that prompts "I'm starting not to trust you," "What do you mean 'starting to'?"), to just about all of Revelation, to say, the scenes on 479er's ship, ("I don't want to end up like Georgia!", "Please don't say 'crashing'!") or him eating in his helmet, to the implantation scene in episode 17.
03:11:41 PM Sep 28th 2012
Who else wanted to hug Church at the end of the most recent episode? :(
03:22:27 PM Sep 28th 2012
Well, he isn't The Woobie, though the torture the Director inflicted to him made me feel uneasy. Truth to be told, I wanted to give York a hug: it's never easy to wait for someone we love to wake up from coma... (And he's cute, that helps).

Also, though I have nothing against such questions, I was wondering what is the stance of TV Tropes about casual discussions on the Discussion page (I always thought this page was for discussing tropes only, and make the necessary changes after debate) ?
08:29:01 PM Sep 28th 2012
There are no concrete rules for the discussion page aside from the usual TOS, as far as I know. Unless we start posting links to porn websites and go around pointlessly trolling, since this is discussion, anything else, trope-related or not, should be allowed in discussion so long it's at least semi-relavent to the work the discussion is linked to. Now if I were to have posted this on the discussion for WMG, then there would be a problem.
07:28:38 AM Sep 29th 2012
edited by ArkadyDarell

I dunno, IMHO Church has always been kind of a Jerkass Woobie. Yes he's egotistical, rude, and at least acts like he hates everyone, but he genuinely tries to be The Hero when there's a rare moment of actual Stuff That Is Important to be done, is capable of being kind at times in his own odd Tsundere way, and the universe definitely hates him.

So yeah, I definitely wanted to hug him.
12:48:30 AM Dec 7th 2012
11:05:35 AM Aug 19th 2012
edited by ArkadyDarell
Re: The whole "Not the real Resistance" thing. The impression I got from the dialogue wasn't that they aren't part of what we think of as the Resistance or that there's a separate group, but that there IS no Resistance. As in, the Freelancers are the actual bad guys, while the so-called "Resistance" is actually just normal UNSC folks.
01:54:11 PM Aug 23rd 2012
... yes? That is a good summation of his point.
02:21:31 PM Aug 23rd 2012
...the entries seem to imply that CT and the leader are a separate group.
09:08:21 PM Aug 5th 2012
Does anyone know the name of the soundtrack used towards the end of season 8 episode 10? The one that played right before the Meta showed up?
09:23:17 PM Aug 5th 2012
edited by ArkadyDarell
...? The Meta didn't show up in that episode. If you meant when Church showed up, that's "Agent Tex":
11:36:50 AM Aug 6th 2012
Whoops, I meant season 9.
11:44:31 AM Aug 6th 2012
edited by ArkadyDarell
The bit where Maine pitches the grenade at Tex? "Maniacs", here:
07:12:03 PM Aug 8th 2012
DOUBLE WHOOPSIE! I MEANT SEASON 10!! To be clear, the currently broadcasting season! Where the Meta's AI is depicted as being on fire for some reason!
07:27:08 PM Aug 8th 2012

Oh. Good question then, I haven't seen it anywhere yet myself. Try keeping an eye on this YT channel, maybe: They upload all the soundtrack stuff.
08:16:17 AM Jul 31st 2012
I feel like Allison should be moved off the AI section of the character page. 'Allison' wasn't an AI that split from Alpha, Tex was and they're two different people despite what the Director might want to believe.
04:03:50 PM Sep 30th 2012
edited by Morcae
I'm not sure what you're getting at. The AI that split from Alpha was indeed named Allison. The name Texas was given to her by Project Freelancer. She wasn't "born" with it. Besides, the "real" Allison isn't enough of a character to warrant her own section — hence, there's no confusion.
05:01:04 PM Jul 8th 2012
I'm wondering if we should make a policy of not adding stuff to the RvB articles unless the episode or PSA in question can actually be accessed officially and easily by everyone (like RT's website, or Twitch TV).

I almost removed a few recent things wondering where they came from, before I remembered about RTX... plus it's annoying checking the article history not expecting any spoilers to need to be careful about because there's no new episode yet... except whoops, there apparently was.
10:35:56 PM Apr 26th 2012
Where's the new trailer? the only one I've been able to find, either on YouTube or on Rooster Teeth's website, is the teaser, the one with Sigma's reveal.
08:20:07 AM Apr 27th 2012
It was part of the live stream from PAX east. The teaser out now is from the first little bit of it.
08:58:55 AM Apr 27th 2012
There used to be a vid with the actual show footage on Twitch TV, but I think it's been taken down now.
04:43:52 PM Mar 17th 2012
The Miniseries don't seem to have a place to call home. Should there be a new folder for them?
07:40:46 AM Apr 22nd 2012
When I split the pages just now, I made folders for each of the miniseries, though they now need a lot of love trope-wise.

I wasn't entirely sure whether to stick "Recovery One" with the Blood Gulch tropes or the Recollection tropes, though. It's in Blood Gulch for now, since it's on that DVD.
02:20:48 PM Jan 15th 2012
edited by ArkadyDarell
This is starting to get near the 400K size mark where we have to break up pages to keep them from getting too large for the wiki. Should we just split it up by the current series folders?
07:41:33 AM Apr 22nd 2012
Meh, just went ahead and did it, though the descriptions on the two split pages might need some work/expanding. Maybe some summaries or descriptions of the plots and such of those two seasons?
02:37:59 PM Jan 7th 2012
edited by Tuckerscreator
I once wrote a review for this series that showed up on the main page here. Now the page says "no reviews yet" but mine still can be found through the review index. Here's the link. Why doesn't it show up?
03:35:23 PM Jan 7th 2012
Looks like nobody rehitched it after the move from Main, so I did it just now.
11:03:01 PM Dec 24th 2011
Would it be considered padding to add pictures to the Characters page? I realize almost all of the characters are faceless guys in armor, but a characteristic shot of some kind wouldn't hurt, along with the fact that a few of the Freelancers now have faces.
07:17:39 PM Jan 5th 2012
Hmn...maybe for the freelancers that had their faces exposed. But even then, that only give's us five pictures (seven if we include the Councillor and Director. However, I think it might not be a bad idea to just show screenshots based on the games; for alot of fans, that is their face, so it would really be a case of whether or not it seems necessary.
07:46:47 AM Feb 13th 2012
I like the idea of screenshots of the characters myself, with emphasis on the folks with faces.
12:37:07 PM Nov 3rd 2011
Should a Tear Jerker or Nightmare Fuel tab be added to the main page? It's just that plenty of episodes (the final episodes of Revelations and BGC come to mind) feature these tropes, and now they're stuck in the YMMV tab.
05:55:50 AM Jul 20th 2011
edited by MrBluesky
Can we stick the fact that One of the S9 storylines takes place in a simulation under the You Should Know This Already umbrella? The Season 9 section is about 1/3 spoilers, which is a little obnoxious.

(I realize I just spoilered it there, myself. Following convention for now and erring on the side of caution.)
02:23:44 PM Jun 20th 2011
removed the following from under Fusion Dance
  • Applying this to the Delta AI and its original Freelancer York, wouldn't that make the little green guy that dispenses logic and advice...Yo-De?
  • Putting Delta's half first would make Dork. A fitting name.

Because that's not how it works. You combine the AI's name and the Freelancer's real name, not code name. York is his code name, we don't know his real name.
12:01:10 AM Apr 10th 2011
Someone help me out here, please. I need a trope to add to York's character sheet, but I don't know what fits. But seriously has anyone ELSE noticed how he looks a LOT like Chris Redfield? What's a trope for that? Everything I find doesn't seem to fit right. Aside from the fact they both go on to fight guys with bad english accents who want to take over the world and could be twins, they're not that similar in personality. So it's not really an Expy or anything.
07:55:01 PM Jun 14th 2011
05:58:12 PM Dec 1st 2010
edited by TrulyElse
Should we remove the rooster teeth redirect so it could be used for a page on the comics / shorts? It Just Bugs Me! that they don't get a page. EDIT: Nevermind, it's been done. thanks.
04:28:39 PM Oct 12th 2010
Hey, guys. :) It looks like the Rv B page could use a bit of natter pruning, as per guidelines outlined here.

At the moment, I've only done the section on Revelation. I tried to encapsulate and incorporate discussion neatly into the parent trope entries wherever possible. I moved all of the edited stuff here so discussion and consensus-building can continue.

  • It's most likely that the Meta simply wasn't thinking clearly after being beaten up by Tex, knifed by Tex and Wash, and stabbed by Tucker. It took seeing the Warthog and following the cable with his eyes to realize that Sarge had done something. The camera panned down as the Meta noticed it, not the other way around.

    • Tex is a bit less enthused by this classification.

  • Actually, he just knew what sort of "person" Omega was, and that after they won the war for humanity, they'd set themselves up as supreme rulers.

  • "Second-deadliest?" The Meta is the deadliest. Tex was only able to hold her own against the Meta because she practically blew him up with several mines, had access to numerous different weapons (including a Gatling gun), and by booby-trapping the terrain. And the Meta still won (with help from Washington). And this was when the Meta was severely depowered. At the height of his abilities, the Meta was described as ten Texs rolled into one. Arguably, the Meta, along with the Red and Blue teams, exemplifies this trope as well. Except for a battle at the beginning with Red Team, the Meta spent most of his screen time snarking against Washington. Then Episode 19 rolls around.

  • In particular, Simmons doesn't seem to object much, which is jarring since he personally saw Washington execute Donut and Lopez in cold blood.
  • Actually it's been revealed in the sponsor version of episode 13, that when Epsilon-Church orders all the Red Team's suits out of Recovery Mode, it revives Donut back at Vahalla, who was apparently stuck in stasis after being shot. He's okay, though upset about getting blood on his nice shoes.
    • This one was bound to come up. Even though only Doc and Church saw Wash literally throw himself at the Meta, unarmed, to protect them, the rest likely figured it out by the fact that Church, the de-facto leader, was working with him and that, by the way, he was knife-fighting the Meta.

  • So, uh, nobody has anything to say about the fact that Wash killed Donut? You're just gonna welcome him into your group with open arms, even after he murdered your friend and screwed you all over repeatedly? In fact, everyone is actually going out of their way to HELP him!
  • No, nobody does care because A: He saved Church from the Meta, even at risk to his own life. B. He showed no enmity towards the Reds and Blues for having gotten him imprisoned, despite the fact that all they've done so far is make his life worse. C. Donut isn't dead, even if the others don't know that, he probably explained that. Besides, even if he hadn't killed him, The Meta would have.
    • Assuming even Wash knows.
  • He's in blue team, though.

  • To be sure he's down for good, in Episode 19 he only survived by using the very same Brute Shot that saved Grif's life. He didn't have it. Also, because he lost Tex, he lost his powers and was simply an insane but well-trained human when he fell. He's down.
    • Further, those UNSC soldiers seem to be acting like he's dead. Do you really think the UNSC, those guys who Halo showed to be efficient and skilled, would say "oh, these trainees said he fell off the cliff, let's take their word for it!" It's dead.
11:51:23 PM Sep 21st 2010
Could Sarge's actions in the season 5 finale really be a Moral Event Horizon? Sure, he's being a dick, but it's not like he's murdering babies.
07:41:33 PM Oct 14th 2010
Well, technically, even though it was mentioned that Junior survived the explosion, if he hadn't then Sarge technically would have been murdering a baby. Baby alien, sure, but... But in any case, it's probably not quite a Moral Event Horizon. It wasn't, like, downright evil. Jerkish, but not evil.
12:59:39 AM Mar 15th 2011
Considering that he has shown that he refuses to attack people unable to defend themselves, its weird that he was happy to blow up Junior, and as far as he knew it had succeeded.
12:37:49 PM Sep 14th 2010
So, now that Revelation is over, when do you think we'll hear about what could be next?
03:47:31 AM Oct 7th 2010
Don't they usually take a three-month break between seasons? As well as a four-part miniseries in between? Expect something in January-February.
01:13:14 AM Sep 1st 2010
I wanna make an example I think this article needs. About how the first five seasons have recently been revealed as one big trainign example in Rv B's so far successful attempt to explain most of the outlandish actions compared to the more realistic ones we see in Revelation. Problem is I don't know what to call it. What do you call it when the war is one big lie or based on a lie?
10:22:42 PM Sep 12th 2010
I don't know about the "war is a lie" trope (maybe Silly Reason for War combined with Truman Show Plot?), but the attempt to explain away previous outlandish events with new information would be a Cerebus Retcon.
04:31:20 PM Sep 16th 2010
Amending my previous statement; War for Fun and Profit combined with For Science! fits best.
07:55:58 AM Aug 5th 2010
The Blood Gulch Chronicles seasons are compiled into one trope list, why not do the same for the Recollections trilogy instead of having three separate lists for Reconstruction, Recreation and Revelation?
11:22:17 AM Aug 29th 2010
That would make sense.
01:10:43 AM Sep 1st 2010
I really think there should be an example explaining exactly what the Red Vs. Blue war really was and how it nicely retcons much of the events of the first five seasons into one big training scenario that the group barely survived. But I don't know what the hell I should call that. What do you call it when it turns out the war is one big lie? Or based on a lie?
09:25:09 PM Dec 26th 2010
I really would love for there to be a "series as a whole" section, as well as "Blood Gulch Chronicles" and "Recollections" (whether or not Recollections is then broken down by season). There are too many tropes that apply to the general premise to only be listed in one or the other, and listing them in each section seems silly.
12:12:32 PM Apr 25th 2010
As of this post, the pothole Red vs. Blue can be found in 603 articles. So how do we go about getting our favorite machinima listed in the Trope Overdosed section?
06:37:41 PM Mar 28th 2010
edited by TheRecreator
A curse upon all ye who went to PAX East! I had to drop RvB from my watch list to avoid all the spoilers you guys are putting up! They're all appearing in the edit history! A pox upon all your houses!

Okay, got that off my chest. I'll probably be back in four weeks once us poor Internet people have a chance to catch up with you.
05:53:25 PM Apr 16th 2010
Is it possible to put the stuff in the PA Xclusive content to be put in some kind of super-spoiler? Like, you have to highlight it twice or something?
02:02:47 PM Apr 17th 2010
Nope. Though there is a super-spoiler function on the site, it just hides the fact that there's a spoiler at all. Not very effective when there's a wall of text.

I recommend putting a warning in the Revelation section that anything spoilered was PAX-exclusive... or better yet, just wait until all the episodes come out online before putting anything up.
12:36:19 PM Sep 14th 2010
Well, we don't have to worry about it now.
09:33:07 AM Jan 5th 2015
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